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Ellen DeGeneres: Seriously… I’m Kidding ~Book Review

I love Ellen DeGeneres, I love her show and her comical timing is out of the world. When I came across her book ‘Seriously… I’m Kidding’, I instantly picked it up.

Read to know if I liked it or not?

I am into celebrity memoirs these days but I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. We all know Ellen from her talk show, giving voice to Dory on Finding Nemo and also being the face of CoverGirl. “I’ve already written other books – two as myself and dozens more under my pen name, Danielle Steel.” Meh. Not really!

Get the joke? If you like Ellen and her show, then this book is for you. Here’s what I loved about Seriously… I’m Kidding.

Seriously… I’m Kidding: Book Review

  • Of course, her comic timing
  • This is not a serious memoir, per se. She talks about a wide variety of topics- actually, whatever comes to her mind- be it how she hates it when people don’t make it on time for dinners, or how magazine polls are just bonkers!
  • The book, however, does cover a lot of memorable moments from her life and career though. And the best part for me was her honest account on her role as a Judge in American Idol. She confesses it was easy to judge young talent from the comfort of her home.
  • Sharing behind the scenes of her talk show and few snippets from her guests’ interviews.
  • Her constant want of a Finding Nemo sequel. Remember this book was written back in 2011.
  • This was my second SUCCESSFUL attempt at an audiobook, the first one being Daisy Jones & The Six. Listening to Ellen was like watching her talk show.
  • The audiobook also had background noises. For eg: it had beach waves, casino ruckus, etc.

There were moments when I (literally!) laughed out loud. The chapter named ‘Meditation’ made me close my eyes and follow her voice. It was ridiculously fun.

That said, I do not think I’d have enjoyed this book if I was just reading it. It had very short chapters and the humor was somehow forced, if I may add?

The whole experience of an audiobook was brilliant and I’d suggest anyone who wants to give this a try to listen to the audiobook rather than just reading.

Ellen is like a ray of sunshine after a hard day. Her humor, goodness, and magnanimity inspire many, not to mention her generosity to people through her show. And I hope she’ll write a proper memoir someday.

3.5 Paws on 5 (That 0.5 is for the audiobook!)

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Seriously I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres Book Review

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