…and she is Six! Happy Blog Birthday!

Today, the first of September 2019 marks the sixth blog birthday and I can’t be any more excited. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’d be well aware of my blogging journey. From a hobby blog sharing the recipes I tried in my kitchen, it has now evolved into something so much bigger and nicer!

To others, who are new to this space, let me introduce myself first.

Hi! I’m Shalini, editor and blogger at Kohl Eyed Me and Something’s Cooking. I’m an Army Wife who gets to move around the country once (or even twice/thrice) every couple of years. So, in this space, you can find a lot of offbeat travel posts, musings of an Army Wife and my ardent love for books. I also love to cook, hence a separate food blog.

Let me share some highlights from last year.

a. I began a Youtube channel! Though I haven’t posted any videos for the last couple of months, it is still a feat because guess what! It helped me tick off an important goal from my bucket list. I post easy Tasty-like recipe videos and there were a lot of friends and family who appreciated my efforts. I hope to get back to it soon.

b. A to Z Challenge: 6th time in a row! I enrolled both my blogs this time as well for the annual A to Z Challenge and I aced the challenge in style. I wrote all about books here on the blog sharing quotes, book reviews, and listicles. And I shared some decadent Kerala recipes on my food blog- Something’s Cooking. Thanks to Mom and Dad who helped me come up with recipe ideas and even prepare a majority of them.

c. Travel Posts featured by Tripoto: I write travel posts (once in a blue moon) and I’m extremely happy that a couple of them were featured by the esteemed Tripoto community. Pat on the Back moment!

Ultimate guide to Uttarakhand

d. Being a Content Writer: Did you know that I am a content writer at Corinne’s The Frangipani Creative? I am glad I took the opportunity and I am also pleased that the posts which are mostly related to the Basics of Blogging and Social Media are loved by the readers.

e. MuffyTales: With my love for books comes my Bookstagram account featuring my Golden boy – Mufasa aka Muffy. It is one of the most loved bookstagram accounts and I make sure to spice it up with lots of amazing giveaways. A week ago I sent out a Ron Weasely Funkopop, a Penguin Cloth Bound Edition of the classic – The Jungle Book and two recent releases. Another giveaway is planned, so, keep on the lookout for it.

The love we are showered with there is overwhelming, to say the least. I am glad that authors and major publishing houses trust us to send their new releases for book reviews. We are also a representative for one of India’s first and best book subscription boxes – The Big Book Box. Use our rep code to avail discounts on your subscription.

f. Last but not least, a huge thank you to my dear readers and blogging communities without whose support I wouldn’t have reached where I am today.

To my friends(you know who you are!) for always having my back and encouraging even the craziest idea that I come up with, especially in the wee hours of the night, I owe you!

Here are a few of my popular posts:

Divine Justice by Judge Uncle| Judge Amaavan Deity in Kerala Temple

Judge ammavan kerala temple

All About Books

Musings of an Army Wife:
I Serve as the Silent Rank

silent ranks- indian military wife

So, it is Six years, 666 posts, 1.4L+ footprints, max of 5.3k views a day, and 15k followers later, I am set to begin another exciting year at Kohl Eyed Me.

That said, I have something huge lined up because it is time to take my blogging to a whole nother level. I’m nervous as hell and those bad butterflies are fluttering in my stomach like crazy. I’d love to have your support as I step into a new venture. I shall share all the deets on MuffyTales’ Instagram stories.

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. Keep visiting. Keep encouraging.

Much love,

I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with Blogchatter
Current Status of Alexa Rank: 445,697, India Rank: 32,491


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