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Book Subscription Boxes to Watch Out For

Up until a few years ago, Book Subscription Boxes was unheard of in our country. However, bookstagrammers are familiar with these from across the world, mainly OwlCrate and My Lit Box which comes with a box of goodies along with the ‘Book of the Month’. Things have changed and you can get your hands on Book Subscription Boxes here in India.

What is a Book Subscription Box?

A Book Subscription Box is a box which includes one (or more!) books, mostly new releases, and bookish merchandise. Bookish merchandise includes fandom merchandise like Harry Potter Funko Pops, bookmarks, candles, stationary and even some munchies. This is a treat to any book lover for you get to receive fandom products, exclusive merchandise and exported books all in one box.

In no particular order, here are some popular Book Subscription Boxes in India.

1. The Big Book Box (@tbb_box):

The Big Book Box is a monthly subscription service which has got different plans for a reader to choose from based on their budget. There are four basic plans including The Frappe Box (Rs.999/month), The Espresso Box (Rs.1599/month), The Cappucino Box(Rs.2199/month), and The Caffee Mocha Box(Rs.2999/month). You also get to choose a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual subscription service.

This is the first-ever book subscription box I’d tried and loved everything about it including the beautiful boxes they send the goodies in. Needless to say, I still have an affinity towards their boxes. Check out their Instagram stories to get discount coupon codes and it will be easy on your pocket.

Their sister company is called Chapter One Books (@chapteronebookstores) which is an online book shop. You can buy beautiful imported hardcovers including Penguin leatherbound and clothbound classics on a huge discount.

2. Books N Beyond (@booksnbeyondbox):

Books N Beyond boxes are definitely a class apart. Though they started off as a monthly subscription service, it is now more of Theme-oriented boxes where a box is curated centered around a theme or fandom. I love their merchandise with all my heart and I can vouch for their product quality, especially the book sleeves. They sent mostly exclusive goodies and you can sure flaunt them on your bookstagram. Few of the boxes which I’d bought are shown below.

Harry Potter Themed Box
Monthly Box with goodies like Wonder Woman funkopop, Superhero cushion cover and the exclusive Catwoman hardcover book
The gorgeous Newt Booksleeve from the Fantastic Beasts Box

Any fandom box can cost you Rs.2000 and above. Their website also has got some premium hardcovers including Penguin leatherbound and clothbound classics and book merchandise for sale. You can purchase it separately if you do not want to invest in a box. Follow their reps on Instagram for discount coupon codes.

3. The Bookling’s Crate (@thebooklingscrate):

This is a YA fantasy book box with occasionally themed boxes. I had bought the Game of Thrones fandom box which included the latest Fire and Blood hardcover book, Jon Snow funko keychain, Winter is Coming bookends, candles, and bookmarks. It was worth the money.

4. Book Pitaara (@bookpitaara):

This monthly subscription box focuses on wellness products too. Priced at about Rs.1650, you would receive body scrubs, bath salts, candles among many other wellness products in your box.

5. Others: There are several other book subscription boxes in India including The Ultimate Box of Joy (@tuj_bookbox), Story Trunk, Aurora, and Enchantico. However, they haven’t come up with boxes since the beginning of the year and I’m not sure if these boxes are still available.

That’s all for now!
Have you tried a Book Subscription Box? What are your thoughts about these? Let me know.
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