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5 Iconic Literary Villains

Literary Villains are meant to horrify us. These fictional bad guys are complex characters, all-out evil and vile. From The Joker to Sauron to the White Witch of Narnia to Lord Voldemort, we have had a fair share of them in our books. Today, I am going to pick five of the iconic villains who I’ve hated to love.

5 Iconic Literary Villains

Professor Moriarty:

I wanted to end the world, but I’ll settle for ending yours.

The very first name that comes to my mind is Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. There is a reason why he called the ‘Napolean of Crime’. He is the archenemy of Sherlock and is the mastermind behind most of the cases Sherlock solves. However, behind this anti-social narcissistic mind there are many traits similar to Sherlock, don’t you think?

Count Dracula:

“Once again welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

The sinister, blood-sucking vampire, Count Dracula is also intelligent and unpredictable. Do not fall for his aristocratic manners, he is ruthless and scornful.


“I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at; I am not what I am.”

The so-called honest Iago turns into a green-eyed monster and drives Othello mad with jealousy to lead the latter into believing that his new wife was having an affair with his friend, Cassio. How unfortunate it is to have such a character in one’s life – so full of deceit and jealousy that he is ready to destroy the lives of anyone who comes in his way!

Shere Khan:

The predatory, vicious tiger from the Jungle Book, Shere Khan was always disrespectful of the Jungle laws hunting humans. He has to his service the disloyal and nasty hyenas. Shere Khan’s doom began when he set his eyes on the man-cub Mowgli and is finally, outwitted by him.

Bellatrix Lestrange:

“I killed Sirius Black! You coming to get me, Potter?”

No, I couldn’t add Lord Voldemort to the list because I have more hatred for Bellatrix than any villains in the books that I’ve read. The saddistic, mean and wicked witch, she took pleasure in torture and cruelty. I can never forgive her for killing her cousin, Harry’s Godfather Sirius Black.

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