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Books That Make You Fall in Love With Reading

I have always loved reading. Mum says that even at the age of two, I used to point at the pictures on a book and ask her to read it out for me. I then slowly moved on to read fairy tales and those beautiful classics which are a must read for kids, including Charlotte’s Web and Pippi Longstocking. I could be almost always found in a corner of the house with my nose buried in a book. When somebody asks you what was the one book that made you fall in love with reading, I know how difficult it is to answer. I, for one, know that because I can’t pick just one. Was it Sherlock Holmes or Alice in Wonderland? Was it Nancy Drew or Arabian Nights? Ah! So, you see what I mean.

Yet, I had the audacity to ask some of my friends who are known book nerds the exact same question and this is what they had to answer.

P.S: Read till the end which book I picked!
I understand that not everyone has a love for reading. But if you want to begin somewhere and is ready to take the plunge, this list will help you do just that and appreciate the world of words.

Which is that one book that made you fall in love with reading?

Ask me about a book nerd I know, I’d say it is Corinne Rodrigues from Everyday Gyaan. Founder of Write Tribe blogging community, she always has to her credit the Out Do Yourself Reading Challenge and the Write Tribe Reading Challenge. “When I close my eyes, I see a small darkish room in a guest house where I began to read a book that seemed a little too heavy for an 11-year-old. But I loved it. And there began my journey with Miss Austen. The book? Pride and Prejudice.  Soon after I read Emma and then there was no stopping me. I read all of her books. And I’ve read them all over and over again. “, she says.

It has only been a few months since I set up a Bookstagram account with my darling Golden Retriever. The amount of love we receive from the community is insane. If there is one person that I, no, we absolutely adore is Mridula from Ecstatic Yet Chaotic. Her Instagram feed is beautiful and her reviews are always honest and not biased. “I think it was the Panchatantra. I found so much of life in those stories and the magical world they took me to. That is what fuelled my love for fictional worlds. I always wanted a world that is different from what I was put into and that series was my escape.”

A dear friend, a true bibliophile Vinay from I Rhyme Without Reason has picked up one of my favorite books. “There is no one book as such. But the first book I read was The Hound of Baskervilles, which I enjoyed. It was my first foray into reading crime fiction and that made me fall in love with the genre which has become my favorite genre since.”

A book blogger whose review I can trust with my eyes closed is Soumya Prasad from Life of Leo. Her book reviews are to the point, critical and non-biased. Our interests often match and there is quite a number of books that I have picked up based on her recommendations. I was never disappointed. She says, “There are way too many! One of the first books that I fell in love with was Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon. I think it was the storyline and the fact that you could live three lives at once that piqued my interest.”

Ramya Rao from Words & Me is another dear friend from the blogosphere. I love reading her poems, they are so poignant, yet easy to read and relatable. Here’s her pick. “I think it is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I was the kind of person who relished Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew books. I read this book when I was 18 and that triggered something different in me. It was the first time I read this kind of genre and it had such a deep impact in me. I was moved by how stories from other’s lives can influence and inspire you in a way you can never imagine. That book was a turning point in my reading for I was stuck on one particular genre. I no longer do that. That book made me explore myself and in words told me how I as a woman and a writer could influence the lives of many.”

Another book blogger who I love love love is Shantala from Shanaya Tales. Her book reviews are crisp, lucid, candid and genuine. I have picked up both Indian and International books based solely on her recommendations. Maybe you should too. She says, “As far back as I can remember, I have always loved books. But if there’s one book/series that got me hooked on to reading, to never let go, it’s the Harry Potter books. Which I know is a cliche at this point, but hey it’s a cliche for a reason. And like any true Potterhead, I cannot summarize my love for this story in a few lines. I can actually write a whole other book on that. But I believe what initially got me hooked was the fantastical element of a whole different parallel universe of magic, friendship & adventure. And the fact that I could relate to Hermoine, who sought all the answers to life’s questions in a library.”

Reema D’souza from The Write World is a bookworm I know. She writes fabulous poems and hosts Wednesday Verses, a weekly link up, (along with Vinay) on her blog. She says, “The first author that I was introduced to was Enid Blyton with Noddy. But what caught my fancy was the Famous Five and Secret Seven series. These books introduced me to a different world. They transported me to a world where adventure existed. Enid Blyton introduced me to mysteries – a genre that is still close to my heart. She made my world a lot more interesting as she took me along with the Secret Seven or Famous Five on their adventures. These were the books that made my summers better and interesting.”

Last but definitely not the least, is a darling friend who is always there whenever I need to bawl my eyes out – Kala Ravi from Relax N Rave is a book worm. She introduced me to Sudha Murthy and Enid Blyton. Oh yes! And her love for bloodthirsty vampires made me pick up the Twilight series which I had, till then, decided not to touch. Let’s hear what she has to say. “The first book I read was an Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series. This book introduced me to the world of fiction. Fiction was a place of innumerable possibilities, beyond my wildest dreams. I won’t say it was the best bookI’ve read, but it was my first and it made me want to seek out more like it.”

It is now time to disclose my picks. That would be Shakespearean plays. Of course, I read the kid’s version as a child. I especially remember the strong, powerful and intelligent Portia from the Merchant of Venice who uses her clever wit to save Antonio. More on that later! (hint to one of the upcoming posts, Oops!)

Thank you very much to all the dear bloggers who contributed to this post. I was pulling my hairs apart as to what to write for this letter and at the eleventh hour decided to ask you fabulous people to pitch in with that one book which changed your life with words. Thanks again. It truly means a lot. More love and power to you!

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links, which means, if you make a purchase through this link, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

That’s all for now!
Hope you loved the recommendations. If I ask you the same question, what will you answer? Let me know in the comment section below.
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My theme for the A to Z Challenge this year is ‘Celebrating the Bibliophile in me’, where I would share the books, authors and fictional characters that I love, loathe and tolerate.
Ah, there could be more!
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