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Why Scarlett O’ Hara is the One Badass Woman that I Admire

Scarlett O’ Hara is synonymous with selfishness and manipulation. She is a rebel- self-centered and relentless. And not many who have read this Pulitzer-winning epic Gone With The Wind, like her. But when I think of Scarlett, I think of this strong, capable, kickass woman who is a survivor.

I read Gone With The Wind when I was all of seventeen. I had just finished my Grade 12 Boards and the Entrance examinations. I was getting bored as the question mark of my future loomed over me all the time. That was when I saw this book in Mom’s bookshelf, a humongous book of a thousand pages.

From then till date, I would have read tens of thousands of books and I can vouch that without a blink of an eye I would say, my favorite of them all is Gone With the Wind. While Rhett Butler rules my list of desirable men from literature, it is actually Scarlett who has my heart.

Why Scarlett O’ Hara is the One Badass Woman That I Admire

She is selfish

I agree that the world asks of you to be a selfless, kind and self-sacrificing woman. While all of that is good, sometimes, you do have to think about your happiness. I know I am going to get a lot of backlash for this, but then I speak for everyone here. I am a good person and never will I ever think of harming anyone for my victory; I will even gracefully back off from the entire argument or competition if it comes to that.

She loves fiercely

For the love of God, she lusts after a married man all throughout the book. Her love for Ashley started even before he got married, but she was not met with reciprocation. Call it an obsession but it is difficult to love someone who doesn’t love you back – the heartache and torture being the consequences. But Scarlett didn’t care about all that.

But then she is struck with this sudden realization standing beside Ashley who was mourning the loss of his wife Melanie, And I’ve loved something that doesn’t exist – that loving this man was a complete and utter facade. Your dream guy may not always be the right guy.

Running back to her husband, Rhett Butler, to finally proclaim her love to him, she is faced with one of life’s greatest ironies- realizing you are in love with someone who has already fallen out of love with you.

Rhett had walked out after having witnessed how she was still in love with Ashley after all these years. “I must have loved you for years, only, I’m such a stupid fool, I didn’t know it.” to which she is met with this cold iconic line by Rhett Butler, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Tomorrow is another day!

Despite being raped, killed a man, losing her parents and her daughter, nearly starving to death, being widowed more than once, and getting dumped, Scarlett survived. While most cannot fathom the things she has done, we should understand that Scarlett lived in an era when women weren’t allowed to do most of the things that we can do today.

This famous line is what kept my life going. Whenever I am faced with an obstacle, I say to myself that I can always start afresh the next day.


It is what it is! When faced with a situation that she isn’t particularly happy about, Scarlett would always dismiss it with “Fiddle-dee-dee”. It is to realize that in life, there are certain things not worth banging your head up against the wall. Some things aren’t really worth losing your peace of mind!

Never give up!

She wasn’t afraid to be herself, she could even dance the night while rocking the black veil of mourning her husband. Scarlett never let petty rumors get in her way. She didn’t care about the world, she defied social norms, but remained strong in difficult times. She had a life of privileges until all were destroyed in the Civil War. She started farming, handpicked cotton herself, survived Yankee attacks, even killed a man, backstabbed her family, married her sister’s boyfriend for money and did all the unspeakable things. But then she was a tough cookie.

Margarett Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind is no page-turner. You will be suffocated with a lot of Civil War chapters but in the end, it is a must-read. There is a reason why more than 28 million copies of the book have been sold over 36 countries.

A sequel named Scarlett is also published, however, it isn’t written by the same author but Alexandra Ripley. How I discovered about this book was kinda funny. I was casually mentioning my favorite book to one of my friends at the beginning of college, and I realized GWTW was her favorite too. She then told me about the book Scarlett and I still remember the joy I had in discovering a fellow bookworm who shared similar tastes and also about the sequel.

So, get me the rarest of the rarest Collector’s edition copy of Gone with the Wind and I’m all yours! 😛

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