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George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones Has Got Me Hooked

I always thought I was more of a girly girl who relished her mushy romcoms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and I still cherish that part of me. But there is also this girl in me who loves warriors and bad boys. This part was discovered much later, of course. I wasn’t a fan of sci-fi movies or books. I still can’t read most of them. The movie Gladiator began it all for me but A Game of Thrones had got me completely hooked.

A game of thrones book review fandom

Husband and I were staying apart, his Olive Green uniform demanded a posting to a far corner of the country and I was still working with an MNC. So, on one of those lonely nights after work, I requested my then-roommate to suggest some movies to watch. She had the complete Game of Thrones series, from 1 to 5(in 2015) and I decided to give it a go. As I mentioned before, my watching English series was limited to Friends, Psych, and How I met your mother (back then). There was no way in hell that I would be even interested in watching an episode of GoT, come what may. However, that wasn’t the case! It got me so completely hooked that I wanted to read those humongous books as well.

George R.R. Martin has written only five books and the readers have been waiting for the next part since the year 2011 (Ah!). HBO, however, is continuing the series with their own plot and is hosting its Finale Season this weekend, on April 14th. (Yippee!) This series has got everything that entices me – fantasy, war, magic, fights, swords clashing, and to top it all, I can’t name a single character that isn’t strong and powerful and hasn’t got a role to play.

I can’t do justice reviewing this book or its series because trust me, I will be biased. This is one of the two book series (the other is quite obvious and it will be discussed tomorrow. Take the hint, boy!) that I am head over heels in love with and I shall fight tooth and nail to prove it to you that it is one of the greatest books ever! That is of course, if you like fantasy.

That said, here’s a gist of the book to get you started:

George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming!

Lord Eddard Stark (Ned) lives with his family- wife and six children including his bastard son – Jon Snow at Winterfell, where summers and winters last more than a decade. The story begins when the Starks stumble upon and adopt six direwolf pups, which apparently is the sigil of their house too – one for each Stark child and Jon Snow.

The King of the Andals, King Robert Baratheon arrives at Winterfell to recruit Ned as his advisor, the Hand of the King. They are friends from before and Robert was to marry Ned’s sister until she was brutally murdered.

Ned and his wife – Catelyn Stark is skeptical of going to King’s Landing upon learning that it may be Queen Cersei Lannister who is behind the murder of the previous advisor. However, Ned goes with the King along with his daughters Sansa and Arya Stark. Just before their departure, however, Ned’s son – Brandon Stark is grievously injured (spoiler, can’t tell you how).

Things begin to fall apart when the Kings’s son Joffrey Baratheon has a falling apart with Ned’s daughters and Ned painfully realizes that the King is unproductive and is only interested in drinking, hunting, and whoring.

A game of thrones GoT funkopop fandom

Back in Winterfell, there is a murder attempt upon Bran and the dagger is found to belong to Tyrion Lannister, the queen’s brother, an Imp who is later captured. Jon Snow decides to take the Wall and marches to Castle Black with his uncle. The Wall is an icy barrier between the living and what lies beyond the Wall, which is dangerous.

In a faraway land, the last living Targareans- the oldest House, ruling the Andals but was dethroned by Baratheons – Viserys and Daenerys Targarean are prepping for the latter’s wedding. This house is known for their dragons (to say the least!).

Robert had murdered their family and Viserys is hell-bent on taking the throne back for which he is ready to sell his 13-year-old sister Dany to the savage king, Khal Drogo, in exchange for his army and three dragon eggs for Dany.

| Read why Khal Drogo is one of my Five Most Desirable Men from Literature

Okay, now that’s all I am going to reveal. I really hope I have piqued an interest in you to either pick up the book or watch the series. There are unexpected developments in almost every episode or 50 pages and the best part is, no one stays a hero in the series! The politics, the heartbreaks, the insane plot twists will have your heart.

I was successful in turning my husband into a true blue GoT fan that he is doing all the calculations (read miscalculations!) and predictions as to who will ultimately reign the Seven Kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne. He was someone who didn’t even watch the ‘Friends’ series. So, if he can be a die-hard fan of GoT, I think anyone can!

I have got a huge craze for A Game of Thrones fandom merchandise. You can find a few of the Funko pops (each of those doll-like things on the picture is characters from the book and costs about Rs.1099 each), Westeros map, and bookmarks among others.

Call me crazy, because I most definitely am! This has become a part of my nerdy life and I am proud to be a GoT fan!

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That’s all for now!
So tell me, have you read or watched A Game of Thrones? If not, will you, after reading this crazy fan post? 🙂
I hope you’ll drop by tomorrow too.

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