Will You Write About Me? #FridayReflections

“Will you write about me?” he asked.

I went back to our days of love,
of passion, of tenderness.
His eyes a gorgeous blue, his arms tattoed.
Straight out of a Mills & Boon,
I couldn’t help but swoon.

Wander deep into my soul, I seem to say.
I ache to be consumed by your eyes.
Whisper to me, leave nothing unsaid.
Kiss me, throw caution to the wind.
Touch me, weave me into bliss.

I am a poet stringing stars into constellations
weaving freshly dewed dreams, through promise-bound seams.
I was in love with all the poems I wanted to write about you.

But I see it now, in the way you’ve forgotten how
to make me laugh.
How you’ve got a grip on my hand, and yet, I’m the one reaching out.
The galaxies in our eyes, rusty, no longer merging into a warm embrace.

Soft sated sighs, subdued spirit, hearts crumbling,
Bruised, hurting, broken.

Where did it all go wrong?
Wish we could stay for a bit longer
to mourn what’s passed

and cherish
if at all, whatever’s left.

You are too gone to call you mine,
And you are not my poem.
Not anymore.

“Will you write about me?” he asked.

That’s all for now, folks!

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