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2019 Reading Challenges That Urge You to Read More

It is that time of the year when I set goals for anything and everything in life. For now, let’s focus on reading.

Reading Challenges help you to read more. At least that’s how I take it. The prompts of many challenges may restrict your reading, but I believe it urges you to pick up books from more diverse genres. You’d be forced to move from that favorite book section in the library to another, which is a huge plus! It challenges us to come out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves beyond the regular reading.

I had a relatively good year with my reading. Till date, I’ve completed 38 books and I intend to read four more before the year ends. My goal for the year was, however, 52 books, one book a week, which I thought was a fair number. However, it wasn’t so.

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Though I fell short with 10 books, I know for a fact that I read some fantastic books including Poonachi, One, and Wonder which has taken a permanent place in my heart. If not for these challenges, I know I wouldn’t have picked up the many books which I’d read this year.

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Here are some of the Reading Challenges I take part in every year and some more for you to choose from.

2019 Reading Challenges

2019 Reading Challenges

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Ah, the target I am setting is again, 52 books, one book a week and let’s see if I can achieve the target this year. You can find my reading updates on the Goodreads page and also on the sidebar of this space. 

Erin’s Book Challenge

Another one of my favorite reading challenges is Erin’s Book Challenge which I came to know via Sanch’s posts whose book recommendations I love. Another dear friend, Vinay who writes at I Rhyme Without Reason is also a co-admin of the challenge’s Facebook Group. Needless to say why I love this reading challenge.

This challenge runs twice a year – January to April and July to October, and the prompts are always interesting and quirky, to say the least. The prompts for January to April along with my book choices are as below. 

| Freebie (200 pages): The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks
| Made into a movie: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
| Set in Europe: The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
| Newberry Award Winner/Honor Books: The Cat who went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth
| Family’s or Friend’s Favorite: The Promise by Danielle Steele
| Published over a 100 years ago: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
| Book with 6 words in the title: The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
| A compass or cardinal direction in the title: Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
| Published in a different language: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto
| Starts with the Letter N: the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Ah well, The Promise is close to my heart in so many ways. As a kid (or a teenager) I was banned from reading Mills and Boon and romance novels. But I remember sneaking this book out from Mom’s library (she is a voracious reader) and reading it. Needless to say, it was the very first love story I’d ever read and is also one of my favorites. Apparently, it is also a dear friend Kala’s favorite love stories.

52 Books in 52 Weeks

Though that’s my target, I know it seems daunting already. Nevertheless, I am going to give this challenge a try.

Corinne’s Outdo Yourself Challenge

Every year, Corinne announces this challenge on her space where she asks you to read one book more than your previous year’s count. She has announced the challenge for this year and I have set my target as 52 since I couldn’t achieve it last year.

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Write Tribe Reading Challenge

The first Write Tribe Reading Challenge is here and I can’t be any more excited! There are 24 prompts of which you can pick up any 12 so as to complete the challenge. I think I will do all the prompts, what say? The main idea behind the challenge is to make you fall and stay in love with reading. You can visit this post for signing up. I will be doing a separate post on my book choices.

2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

This yearlong challenge asks you to pick one book a month that fulfills their prompt. I think I will be joining the 2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. I am yet to pick up books based on their prompts, especially because I want to incorporate 2019 releases as well. But here is a gist.

| JANUARY – New to You Author: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto
| FEBRUARY – Cover Love: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
| MARCH – Royalty, Kingdoms, Empires, Governments: The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
| APRIL – Crack the Case: 
| MAY – One Sitting Reads: 
| JUNE – Diversify Your Reading:
| JULY – Through The Years:
| AUGUST – Mode of Transportation:
| SEPTEMBER – Animal, Number, Color, Name:
| OCTOBER – Tricks and Trades:
| NOVEMBER – Seasons, Elements, and Weather:
| DECEMBER – Last Chance:

Other Reading Challenges:

Here is a list of other spectacular reading challenges for 2019.

| Read 13 Books to Cozy Up This Winter

Popsugar Reading Challenge: With a daunting mandatory 40 prompts and 12 advanced prompts, I believe, Popsugar Challenge is the toughest to crack. At least for me. My reasons being, my target is only 52 books, of which if I have to read 40 according to the mandatory prompts there isn’t much I can take up for a relaxing read. Do you get my point? Also, if you plan to take part in other challenges, it will be pretty difficult to find books that fit in. Nevertheless, I know many who nails this challenge and maybe you should take a look at the prompts too. Who knows, I may take part too!

Reading Women Challenge: where you are to read books which are written by or about women. There are about 25 prompts to complete.

2019 New Release Challenge: If you are hell-bent on reading all the new releases of the challenge, you can take part in this one.

That’s all for now, folks!

Do let me know your thoughts on reading challenges and if you’ll be taking part in any.

2019 reading challenges

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