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Gratitude: July & I

July was a blur. I knew I had to do so many things; my to-do list was overflowing, the planner was jampacked and yet these saw more red crosses than in the last six months put together.

For the most part of the month, the soldier was out on duty because guess what? Hills and rains don’t go hand in hand. If it was an impromptu rescue operation the last year, this time it was rebuilding a bridge which was washed off due to landslides. And oh, the monsoon had just started in this part of the world. So, with hardly any phone calls from him and a worrisome heart, July strutted in slow-mo.

But instead of brooding over things I couldn’t change, I decided to get myself busy. 



If you follow my Insta stories, you’d know that I had just come home from my folks in Kerala. While I enjoy spending time with them, a Kerala trip means visiting my relatives and so-called near and dear ones. This comes with the whole shady package of questions about why I’m not having a baby and why I am fat. I do not want to list down the unbelievably snarky comments with respect to these two topics that I have to endure every single time I go home. But you get the idea, right?

So when I get back from the trip, I am depressed. I am not someone who uses the word depression lightly. And I absolutely detest people who confuse between sadness and depression. So, I know what I am saying here. Sulking and tears followed after the ‘homecoming’ and there were days when I just didn’t come out of the bed.

However, thanks to my sister-in-law, I had a new gadget which gave me a push to put on my walking shoes. I am a big goal digger and I cannot imagine not meeting a deadline. So, setting a goal for the number of steps to be covered in a day was a good start to do something other than eating my heart out.

The Keto Diet

Not having the husband around had one benefit! I didn’t have to cook and this was the best time to start a diet. Believe me when I say I love cooking and trying out new dishes, but I took a decision to give my food blogging a break. Thus, the last week of June went into diet research which would suit me. I was looking for something that is long term, that doesn’t restrict me from the foods I love eating, and that which wouldn’t be an issue with my health disorders – to put it subtly.

I came across the Keto Diet and decided to give it a go. I tried for three days initially to get the body accustomed to the major change. For those of you who don’t know, Keto Diet is when you stop feeding your body with carbs and focus on eating fats and proteins. So, the body is forced to burn fats for energy because it is deprived of carbs. This is a huge change because for the last thirty years I had subjected my body to do the reverse process.

Anyway, after three days, I was convinced that I would be able to do it. I started off the Keto Diet with a bang and lost 4.9kgs in ten days. I know it is just water weight that I lost, but this was motivation enough. I didn’t do much of exercise, except maybe a bit of walking, cycling, and dancing. Did I cheat? Ah well, only that one time when I drooled seeing my husband’s lunch and stole a mouthful of rice.

Today, after a month of Keto Diet, I am gobbling chicken and cheese, green teas and coffee, lost 4.9kgs (yeah, not much after the first weightloss) and a few inches here and there, but I am much energetic, and I don’t pant like a dog after walking a few steps.


Mum was suddenly sick and it scared the wits out of me. After a week of sleepless nights, we got the news that her ultrasound came clean and what a huge relief it was! Oh, Mum!

Blogging Friends

That brings to my blogging friends. If not for them, I wouldn’t have even gotten up from bed most of the days. It’s always great to have someone to hold on to when you’re a little unsteady, to say anything under the sun and simply have that 4 am chat. To those of you who say that blogging friends aren’t real, believe me. I have made at least three super close friends through blogging. You know who you are 🙂


For the first half of the month, the furball and I were sick. Blame it on the weather! However, I was pretty scared of what was happening to Muffy. The husband was also away and there is hardly a good veterinarian in the vicinity and don’t get me started with pet medicines. Majority of them aren’t available. Thank God for I listened to Dad and bought few basic meds for the pup which came handy when he was wounded.

Books and Instagram

I came out of the reading rut by finishing five books this month. Children of Blood and Bone was a disappointment. I re-read the first two books from the Harry Potter series and started off with the third one.

Meanwhile, I was also kinda fed up with the way my Instagram feed looked like and was pulling my hair apart thinking of what change I should bring about. Research (for the most part, it was asking my friends’ for suggestions) followed and one fine night, I had the lightbulb moment. Yes. Muffy has started reading books now. You must head over and check out his bookstagram account because the very first week saw Bloomsbury India and Westland Books reposting his pictures. Good start, don’t you think?

That’s all folks.
By the time you finish reading this, I will be on my way to Kerala, for my sister’s wedding. It falls on September but the Indian wedding preparations are never-ending. You know that! Follow my Instagram stories if you’d love to be a part of my happiness and celebrations. And fingers crossed, I don’t have to bawl my eyes out or better yet, bite someone’s head off this time who asks me to reduce my weight or have a baby. Seriously? Seriously!

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