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Sparkling Baby Sparky {Guest Post}

Today we have the wonderful Sulekha Rawat gracing this space. She is one of the bloggers who my momma has followed right from the beginning of her blogging journey. Last November, she met Sulekha and was bowled over by her charm. An absolutely fun, down-to-earth and a fantastic person- Mommy is all praise for her. She fondly remembers Sulekha’s posts about her darling Sparky during the A to Z Challenge of 2015. She writes beautiful Haikus and also amazing stories. Do visit her blog!

Over to you, Sulekha…

She was born on 7 November 2003 in Kochi Kerala. Our baby Dalmatian, adorable darling and a sweetheart. 7th of May this year will be her third death anniversary. The 11 and half years she spent with us were the happiest of our lives.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her and miss her. After all, she was my baby girl. A Christmas gift for our family. My friend, Sukhi, gave Sparky to my daughter to love and nurture. I have her ashes in an urn which is kept in a glass cabinet in our living room. Recently a well-wisher suggested that I let her soul go free by immersing her ashes in the holy Ganges. But I can’t do that because seeing the urn assures me of her physical presence in my life. The tattoo I have on my arm also helps in dealing with her passing.

My baby Dalmatian who shared her joy for life with us for more than a decade gave me so much of happiness and unconditional love. When people tell me to get another furry baby so that I can move on I am appalled at their insensitivity and ignorance. It is not possible to replace your precious baby, be it any age. I think it is a matter of personal choice. Some people are able to move on and let in new pets in their hearts and homes. I think people come into our lives for a reason and after they have fulfilled their roles and duties, they depart. Unforgettable and irreplaceable furry babies come into the lives of a few chosen ones and make their world beautiful. I am lucky, I had my Sparky.

She never let me feel unloved and unwanted even for a second. I had her unconditional love and she had my conditional love. As long as she behaved herself, didn’t mess up the house, did her business outside, she was a good girl but if she messed up, I scolded her as I would my children. She didn’t have any such restrictions for me and as far as she was concerned I was always a good mommy to her.

She has not abandoned me even after death. Some days when I am overcome with grief and feeling low, she lets me know she is around by making the downstairs dog bark and on other days the strays in the colony start barking in unison until I start smiling through my tears and say, Sparky, I hear you. No more tears 🙂

She was my soul mate. Miss my #SparkyRawat

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Sparky came to us to complete our family and teach each and every one of us a valuable lesson in living a courageous life.

Author’s Note:

A writer, entrepreneur, dreamer and an avid student of life, Sulekha loves her family and will always adore her recently departed Dalmatian, Sparky. Sulekha is a double Graduate, Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc), with a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales and an Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing in English. Sulekha has co-authored a book of poems with her daughter, Shloka – A Patchwork Quilt. She blogs at


Thank you, dear Sulekha. We love you!


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