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Gratitude: Of Family, Friends and Furballs

The last month of the year is here. Will it be the best one of the lot? I have a love-hate relationship with December. When the whole world rejoices and is in a holiday mood, the month always brings something nasty for me. Over the last couple of years, I have lost many loved ones – to death and to fate; all in December! So you get where this is coming from, I guess. Anyway, all I can do right now is to turn a blind eye and pay no heed as to what my heart silently whispers and warns every day and night. But first, here’s to a brilliant November which I had.

Gratitude: Of Family, Friends and Furballs

Gratitude Circle

We were never the best of friends, never looked alike and never shared secrets, shoes or clothes. But the bond is strong; in our hearts.

If you follow my Instagram feed, you would know that I was home in Kerala. My sister got engaged (Yay!) and I cannot help but wonder how time flies. While I wish her a world of happiness, there is something in me that prays she hadn’t become older. She is still my little girl and I guess, she will always be. We were never the best of friends, never looked alike and never shared secrets, shoes or clothes. But the bond is strong; in our hearts. I am so grateful to know that she has found her man, that she is happy now and will be forever.

The fights, the scoldings, the laughs, and cries – oh, that’s what you call home!

Spending time with mom, helping her declutter her kitchen, cooking, cleaning and chatting about everything under the sun is something I did last month. It has been about five years since I stayed home with her, without my husband; that too, for over a month. While the pampering was on for a couple of days, soon things were back to normal. The fights, the scoldings, the laughs, and cries – oh, that’s what you call home!

I’m eternally grateful to God for giving me this close-knit family.

The surprise I got when I reached home was finding new members in the family – two furballs! While Dad subtly indicated that this was because he doesn’t have grandchildren to play with, I’m glad that the babies are home. Oh, yes. I was constantly pestered and nagged about ‘not having a baby’. But Mom and Dad at least tried to understand that it is because ‘we’ aren’t ready and not because we are failing. You know what I mean. Ha!

My heart breaks as I think of the furballs. They made me calm, relaxed and sane again.

Simba was like my baby. The three-month-old pug was showered with gifts as I ordered treats and toys for him. We played hide-and-seek and he always slept in my arms at night even though I got him a brand new bed. As I taught him to sit, stay and sleep I became the disciplinarian in the house. Well..well!

While the kitty was super cute, I instantly knew that she had a mind of her own. She slept with mom and dad at night, had Simba’s food even when she had a separate food bowl, and came to me only when she wanted to be petted. Simba and Chakki play with each other and are best friends. Oh, how much I miss them!

I met some of my favorite bloggers, the ones who I secretly or openly admire. Thanks to BNLF.

..and then it was time to leave. But this time, I flew to Dehradun to meet my online friends. Having put up in Pithoragarh, there is no way for me to meet friends, attend blogging events or meets. But where there is a will, there is a way. I planned my sister’s engagement just so that I could attend Indiblogger’s Blog Now Live Forever – BNLF. Having attended its first edition at Mumbai a couple of years ago, I knew I couldn’t miss it for the world. The expectations were high but never once did I think that I would make deep, soulful, beautiful friendships. The nippy November air added to the excitement as I met some of my favorite bloggers, the ones who I secretly or openly admire.  But why did I actually attend BNLF? You will know soon.

Maybe because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go past the first page without shedding a tear.

Been a while since I’ve read a book! Blame it on the month long #travel. However, thanks to a dear friend @artofleo who gifted me this book a week ago. His lovely note says that he knew this book is meant to be in my #bookshelf 📚 When the book was released, I was eager to pick it up. But something in me did not let me do that. Maybe it is because I’m an #armybrat or that I’m an #armywife… That I wouldn’t be able to go past the first page without shedding a tear.. Without acknowledging what the #braveheart do for us every single day, guarding the frontiers… Without being so proud of the life I’ve chosen for myself. 📚 I knew I had to read this book sooner or later. So today it is! #salute to our #meninuniform who puts our #motherland before their family and life… Salute to the author for her extraordinary courage in putting together this story of the #kargil war through her martyred father’s letters and diaries. 📚 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeatrure #instabooks #travelwithkohleyed #incredibleindia #instapic #instagood #book #booksbooksbooks #army #indianarmy #bookblogger #2611 #bibiliophile #bookish #booklover #booknerd

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The only book I read this month was the one I did not want to read in the first place. Like never. But as fate would have it, it was gifted to me by a friend and I knew I ought to read it. Letters from Kargil is a book by Diksha Dwivedi on Kargil War. She has put together her martyred father’s letters and diaries along with other Bravehearts’ who didn’t survive the war. Review coming up on Sunday.

We went through something together. It was nothing short of a miracle.

#Surprise #2 ❤️ I love planners. Because my life runs on #lists. Every #december I’d go #planner hunting and splurge thousands. I never found that right one, that’s another story. So last year, I made one. I downloaded lots of free printables, pestered P into getting color printouts and binding them, only to find that it was ridiculous and then repeat the process all over again. I had given up. ❤️ My search for planners began early this year, but since I was pretty busy the last couple of months with Sister’s #engagement, playing with my two #furballs #SimbaRNair and #chakkirnair I completely forgot about the hunt. ❤️ That’s when this happened! @aliciasouza ‘s planner is here! It’s so perfect and quirky that I’m sure even on a day when I’m blue, one look at this planner will bring oodles of smiles and happiness. #aliciasouza is #bae Thanks #husband You’re the best❤️ . .#planneraddict #plannernerd #plannerstickers #quirky #stationery #instagood #instadaily #bloggersofinstagram #lifestyleblogger

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As I got back to P’s arms, I learnt how much I missed him. While he showered me with surprises- he set up a kitchen garden, got me Alicia’s quirky planner and a huge bunch of peacock feathers (I love it!), I also realized how much he missed me the last few weeks. He isn’t an expressive man. But such little gestures from him makes me wonder what good deed I would’ve done to deserve a man like him. Too cheesy? Ha, let’s leave it at that. P and I went through something together last week and I think it as nothing short of a miracle. We survived. It taught us to count the blessings, have faith, have hope, to breathe, and to believe. Yes. Miracles do happen.

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. We ought to make the best with those who mean the most. 

How was your November? What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comment section.

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