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How are you guys? What are you up to currently? I’m home in Kerala for a celebration! Details soon. Last month was all about the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge and this is my final post for the same. I was staring at the computer screen for long and then decided to take a look at my old posts. That’s how I stumbled upon a similar post which I had written for the same challenge last year. That’s when it hit me! I should do this every month.

So starting today, I would do this fun post called ‘Currently in..on the first of every month because I believe it helps in organizing my otherwise ‘all-over-the-place’ thoughts. It is fun, don’t you think?

November Kohleyedme.com

Reading… Chocolat by Joanne Harris. I have been wanting to read this book since a long time. I also have Sundari Venkatraman’s latest.
Playing… with the furbabies – Simba and Chakki! You should visit my Instagram for more info!
Watching… Just done with How I Met Your Mother! Yes, I’m watching it only now! I felt that the makers were in a hurry to end the series. Don’t you think so? Otherwise, I’m planning to watch a handful of recent releases, because yeah. You got it right! No hope of watching the latest flicks once I get back to the cantonment!
Trying… to burn some calories and get back in shape. Just found out that I’m ill. I have been neglecting my health for a long time. It’s high time that I do something about it. Actually, everything about it.
Cooking… Kerala dishes, especially with seafood. As you know, these aren’t available at the hilltop.
Eating… Healthy….almost.
Drinking… Honey and lime juice in warm water every morning! Good for detox!
Calling… the husband! Miss him, you know!
Texting… friends 😉
Hoping (to)… attend the Indiblogger BNLF and meet some of my favorite bloggers. Fingers crossed!
Pinning… Nothing! Been a while since I opened my Pinterest!
Tweeting… regarding the blogger meet for more details and clarification! I ought to figure out things.
Going… to the beaches in Kerala! It has been a long time!
Loving… my time at Parent’s! Can’t get enough of the pampering, you see.
Hating… to know that I’ve yet again been taken for a ride by a fellow blogger. Meh :/
Discovering… that I’m ill and that’s an eyeopener!
Thinking… about sarees, dresses, jewelry, hairstyles!
Feeling… uninspired! Though there are a lot of things in my head and on my to-do list, I’m just feeling Meh!
Listening (to)… Bas Ek Pal
Celebrating… the reason why I came home to my parents. 🙂
Smelling… Yardley English Lavender. My perfume!
Ordering… Three Kalamkari blouses for my saree! Yeah, I’m obsessed.
Thanking… my lucky stars for giving me such a loving family!
Considering… where I want my food blog to go in the future. I’ve got some big dreams, Y’all.
Starting… a 4km walk..daily!
Finishing… last minute preparations for the celebration!

Now let me know what YOU are up to currently? Happy November, fellas.


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