From your #HalfGirlfriend

I shall always remember the day when I set my eyes on you – the sun-scorched blond hair, the deep tan, the rock-hard body not softened in the least by the sleek lines of an elegant suit, and the unexpected derision in your brown eyes. That moment… I knew I had lost it!

It was a cold winter evening and I was gleefully chitchatting the happenings of my school, to my Dad. Biting into some hot Onion pakoras and sipping Masala Chai, it was a daily routine to tell my Dad of how impartial he was to me in class.

Being my history teacher, he made sure that I got the maximum punishment, unlike the others who were guilty of not answering his questions right! Who cared about when the Panipat Battle was! Well, I did. But I was bad in remembering the dates. It was then that I saw you! Sigh! Never did I know that this small encounter was going to change my life forever.

How could I hide the sudden flight of butterflies in my stomach whenever I saw you? You were my secret which was buried deep in my heart and I liked it that way. You were in my thoughts and dreams and I built castles in the air. I fancied you, sitting next to me in my class, looking deep into my eyes and whispering sweet nothings in my ears. Ugh! Not in my Dad’s class though. You know how that will go!

But, you were my obsession. I had always kept a close watch on you which a layman can vouch that it was nothing but pure stalking. I bribed my friend to get a photograph of yours and hid it in my journal. You were the first I saw every morning and the last every night, before retiring to bed. You were in my dreams and I wanted them all to come true.

I never knew why I liked you so much! Liked? Yes. It was difficult for me to confess that it was love. What if you don’t approve of it? What if you never saw me other than a mere spectator? Was I even a friend, I think now! But I have always found it intriguing to see your carefree and playful side, which had a quiet calmness around it, as though part of you is somewhere else – some place no one else could go. And… I wanted to be there, right next to you, holding your hand and to just sit in silence.

I was over the moon whenever I saw you laugh, smile or dance. You danced like a dream, you know, someone who can easily pull off some crazy moves! Oh, I had fallen for you for a million times over and over! The hank of hair had fallen over your eyes and my fingers itched to push it back. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, if my Mom hadn’t caught me red-handed blowing sweet kisses to you, in front of my folks. I was tickling pink when my Mom was red with anger. But, did that stop me? Never! I had only become a little more careful.

Days had gone by, and we grew apart. We had our own priorities but I kept you in my heart. You were tanner and the hair had grown longer, almost touching your shoulders. You were exceptional and was at the peak of success in no time. I was enchanted by the tiny million things you could do. It was like re-visiting the past over again seeing you sing, cook and dance like there was no one watching you. Then after ages, I knew it was time for me to confess. Yes, I was in love. If only I had the strength!

I remember the first time we looked into each other’s eyes. You said, “Kya koi kisi se itna pyar kar sakta hai ki uski jaan lele?,” but all I heard was music. I knew you had a life of your own, that I was never a part of it. While my heart longed to be with you, I was genuinely happy for you. My heart broke into zillion pieces when you strived to cope up with the lows of your life. I prayed for your happiness and to see that smile on your face again. I wished you well in your tough times and the strength to cope up with hardships. If only you knew! And how could I not? For I was your Half Girlfriend.

#HalfGirfriend - Half Girlfriend Movie - Crush - Hrithik Roshan - Open letter to Hrithik - Movie star

You were the Super-hero, doing good to the world- You were the Knight in Shining Armour, conquering a million hearts- You were the Man in Uniform, protecting the country- You became the Irresistible Thief, making me wish for a date with you and you also gave me Jadoo, urging me to believe in magic and destiny.

I bet you have a lot of admirers and that you’ll never recognize me when we meet. I might have married a soldier who is my own and that I flaunt having you as my teenage crush, my Half Boyfriend. Pangs of jealousy there? No, he always made sure that I see you, first-day, first show!

Yes, Mr. Hrithik Roshan, I always admired you, liked you and longed to be your Senorita!

I pray for that moment when I could cast my eyes on you for real! You make my heart soar, and my mind flutter.  I wish you see my fierce, ardent and loyal admiration!

Love love.

Your #HalfGirlfriend


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