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Fifteen Thai Foods You Must Try

There are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand – the pristine white beaches, lush green forests, limestone cliffs, dynamic cities, and nightlife included. But the astoundingly diverse, world famous Thai cuisine tops the list. From street food to fine dining, one cannot miss the delicious burst of flavors in Thai foods. While some are zesty and hot, others are sweet and tangy. If you do not want to tickle your tongue spicy, I suggest to always ask them to get your dish mildly spicy.

Here’s my list of top fifteen Thai Foods that you must try on your visit to Thailand. This will include both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.

Fifteen Thai Foods that you must try on your visit to Thailand:

  1. Pad Thai: This is the quintessential Thai dish and the very first dish we tried on our arrival at Thailand. It is basically stir fried noodles with chicken or seafood, but you can also get it done with vegetables. Topped with crushed peanuts, Pad Thai is one of the most sort-after dishes across the world. It is not spicy but is sweet and sour. And no, somehow I didn’t like it much. Oh yeah. I really did not.Pad Thai
  2. Green Curry: When it comes to curries, this is my favorite amongst them all. You can order it with vegetables, chicken or beef. The curry is made of green chili paste (Yes, it is spicy), spices like galangal root and kaffir lime leaf, rich coconut milk and diced eggplants. You can always ask for a milder version.Thai Green Curry
  3. Massaman Curry: This curry is often prepared with Pork. But you also get the chicken or beef versions as well. It is a thick curry, flavored with different spices, potatoes, and coconut milk. It is a great side dish to rice.Massaman Curry Thai Food
  4. Shrimp Fried Rice/Khao Pad Goong: This was one dish which we had every single day. Thai Shrimp Fried Rice is easily available and every restaurant in Thailand serves it. You can see that the shrimp head is left on so as to induce the oily goodness to the rice.Thai Shrimp Fried Rice
  5. Potato Tornado: I found it in one of the night markets in Pattaya and was curious to take a bite. These are potato chips on a stick, spiced with Barbeque powders or sprinkled with cheese. A whole potato is cut into spiral shape and is batter fried.Potato Tornado Thailand
  6. Steamed Fish: It is sour, spicy, garlicky and yummy! This marvelous Thai Steamed Fish is so delicious and refreshing. The fish is steamed, cooking the fish gently but also creates an instant outburst of flavor on your palate. Steamed Fish Thai Grilled Fish Thai
  7. Chicken Stir Fried with Basil and Chilies/Pad Kra Pao: It is a common dish, available in night markets and street stalls. In this dish, the meat is minced and chopped finely and is cooked in spices and basil. The flavor is just out of the world. It is served over rice and often crowned with a fried egg.Chicken Stir Fry
  8. Barbecued Pork, Duck and Roast Pork with Rice: That just blew my mind away! Barbequed Pork, Duck and Roast Pork with Rice
  9. Mango Sticky Rice: It is a delicious combination of tender, fragrant and sweet mangoes, sticky rice, and coconut milk and is a favorite among all. It can be had as a snack or a dessert.
  10. Thai Papaya Salad/Som Tam: is another popular dish in Thailand. It is spicy with the bold flavors of chilli and has unripe grated papaya which adds to the crunchiness of the dish.
  11. Juices and Shakes: You can find different fruit juices and milkshakes everywhere in Thailand. And in the hot and humid climate of Thailand, this is heavenly. Topped with lots (and lots!) of ice, they invariably become a part of your diet on your stay in Thailand.
  12. Pancake: There are different varieties of pancakes that we’ve had in Thailand. While my husband favored the regular Egg with Onion and Tomato Pancake, I (almost always) opted for the delectable Nutella pancakes.Pancake Thailand
  13. Barbecue Skewers: Often found in Night markets, these skewers are a thing to die for. We loved this shrimp skewers among them all.Prawn Skewers
  14. Tom Yum Goong: One of the best soups in the world, Tom Yum Goong is a clear, hot and sour, spicy prawn soup flavored with lemon grass, galangal root, and kaffir lime leaf.
  15. Satay:  Satays are grilled meat/chicken skewers marinated with spices and served with peanut sauce. Serves as an excellent starter.Chicken Satay

I am sure these are drool worthy and that you’ll definitely book a flight to Thailand, immediately! 🙂

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