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Thailand Cabaret Shows are a treat to the eyes. We had chosen the Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket and were floored. We didn’t know what to expect but was up for it as it was highly recommended by friends who had visited the place.

Phuket Simon Cabaret

Phuket Simon Cabaret

The Phuket Simon Cabaret has been entertaining its audience since about two decades. It is located in Patong. It has the usual cabaret elements of songs, dance, humor and audience participation. Most of the artists are ladyboys i.e. transgender women. But hell No! It is a difficult task to identify them. They are so pretty and the years of training and hormonal and medical procedures have transformed them into stunning gorgeous women. I was lost in the splendor and beauty of the performance and I don’t think I have blinked even once during the 90-minute show.

Simon Cabaret Show Ladyboys - Review - Dress -Tickets

Simon Cabaret Show PC: Maj.Manna

It is an exquisitely choreographed show and there is no live singing. The stupendous costumes and music will blow your mind away. You’ll not get to know that the performers are lady boys unless told by someone. I was astounded by the ease with which they carried off the heavy costumes and managed to dance in high heels, all with a smile on their faces.

One of my favorite performance included the different Disney anti-heroes like Captain Hook, The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula, The Lion King’s Scar, Snow White‘s wicked queen, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Cruella De Vil and the Queen of Hearts. And the other being the tribute to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

The dance sequences are on songs from various countries, in several languages to cater to the varied international audience (including Bollywood). We were grinning wide when there was a performance on ‘Dilliwaali Girlfriend‘ with all the Thumkas and Jhatkas. The lip sync and co-ordination is perfect and the costumes are out of the world. They also have tried to incorporate different folktales and culture around the world. And Gods No! It’s not an adulterated show, but is fun and can be watched along with friends and family. Kids are allowed as well. Oh, I was skeptical initially. Tell me about it.

The theater is relatively small. It is better to buy a VIP ticket to be seated in the front row. It’s worth it! Who knows you’ll walk out with lipstick marks on both cheeks. That’s the funny interactive bit! Photography and cameras are prohibited during the show but you can have your picture taken outside the theater, with any or many performers of your choice. You’ll have to tip them, though.

Simon Cabaret Theatre

Simon Cabaret Theatre

Simon Cabaret Show Ticket Price

There are three shows every night – at 6 pm, 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Simon Cabaret is closed on Thursdays. The VIP ticket will cost you 1000 Baht for an adult and 800 Baht for a child. The regular seats would be of 800 Baht for an adult and 600 Baht for a child.

Things to Know before heading for Simon Cabaret Show

After the show, the performers line up at the exit and you can click photographs with them. Keep in mind that each performer will ask 100 Baht from you. So, when you click a photograph with one of them, keep a watch out for other performers who try to squeeze in.

Simon Cabaret Show Review - Ticket Prices

Simon Cabaret Performers after the show

Each ticket is entitled to a complimentary water bottle. But they will not let you take the bottle inside the theater. So, if you want a souvenir, collect the water bottle after the performance (like we did). No, don’t judge! It’s not every day you get a bottle with the Simon Cabaret Label!

There are other Cabaret shows in Thailand. The popular ones include Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya and Calypso Cabaret Show in Bangkok. So, the next time you head to Thailand, be sure not to miss this funny and upbeat performance, as fascinating as a musical broadway show, or like watching the song ‘Malang Malang‘ from the Bollywood movie Dhoom 3.

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Stay tuned as I will be talking in detail about some of the exotic islands and shopping, and other attractions Thailand has to offer.

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