Be a Santa Everyday #UnwrapChristmas

When I hear ‘Christmas’, I think of my Mom. Because you know why? It’s her birthday too. Needless to say, Christmas becomes even more special to us and we always celebrate in pomp and splendor.

We always got together at my Dad’s home where all my cousins, aunts and uncles would be joining in as well. A wide spread feast would be prepared, the fattest of the lot (my Uncle, of course!) would wear Santa costume and the children received gifts. At night, we lit fireworks and crackers and the Christmas Carol from near by church would come by, and we danced and was merry.

Today, I have a home of my own and Husband & I set up a Christmas tree, attend Christmas parties, have a feast (which I’ve to prepare) and that’s much about it. I would miss my Mom and cousins, and all the fun which we used to have back then.

But this time around, I realized that it’s not bad after all. I have lots of kids in the neighborhood and I’m all set to surprise them with little gifts. The word is out and they’ve come to know that I’m a trained classical dancer. It’s been about ten years since I have danced. That’s another story altogether. But yes. I’m joining their dance performance tomorrow and I can’t be more excited.

That got me thinking! Why do we wait for a special occasion to spread cheer? Why don’t we do some thoughtful gesture everyday, to brighten up someone’s life?

If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction

– Michael Kornfield

I always make sure to smile at the janitors, the cooks and the waiters. Why not hold open a door for someone? Clean up a neighbour’s yard? Ever so, make some hot soup and go over? It’s bloody cold, after all! Why don’t we try to listen rather than talk? Say thanks? Pay for a meal?  Do a favor? Visit a friend? Or send a handwritten note? Hold a hand? Give a compliment? Give up your seat?

It is those little things that would be remembered in the long run.

I’ve played Secret Santa with my three favorite blogging communities – BAR, Blogchatter and Write Tribe. While it was so much fun to receive some amazing goodies, I equally loved choosing gifts for my Santees. Since the identities of the Santas has not yet been revealed, I’m going forward with my wild guessing game. Here’s what I received!

Secret Santa - 2016 - Christmas - Gifts - Cheer - Smile

Who sent what? And what gifts did I choose for my Santees? Coming soon..

And today a few of us have got together at #UnwrapChristmas with the sole aim of spreading cheer and making Christmas meaningful. It is a blog chain and we are coming to you on our sleigh, pulled by reindeers, bringing in loads of love and smiles. I am thankful to Apoorva Kapoor for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit.


I urge you to do this little something extra by donating towards giving children a home by supporting Divya Disha. And I now invite Ramya Rao to spread Christmas cheer.

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

P.S: The new avatar of this site is my Christmas Gift to myself. Like it?


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