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The news is all around the media- Sensational and Startling!  The GRAPHICAL detailing of RAPE by the accused! BBC AIRING THE NEWS!! BAN BY THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT!! COMMENTS BY EXPERTS!! Debates and Declarations! JUSTIFICATIONS and COVERING UP! The news is over-powering than the Tsunami or any other tragedies the world had been to.. Apparently, a person like me who is never glued to the news channel was also trying to understand and take in the vibe of the nation on the sensational Daughter of India.

It has become a common news these days that a girl/a woman has been raped at so and so place, by so and so number of men! As we know by now, the statistics reveal that a rape happens every 20 mins in India. The irony and the hard to believe fact is when the sufferer is a baby girl aged between 3 to 12 yrs of age. Are we developing as a nation financially with values and traditions or are we losing it all?

Dear concerned (as I am also one), please open your eyes and at least try to find out the reasons for the same, rather than giving an hour long lecture on your feelings and national shame. Please, wake up to the problem rather than facing the music of media and lime light. WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE?

Poverty, Culture as we say it, Grooming, Education (surprisingly being offered to all), they all look farce. We don’t need leaders to preach things, we don’t want leaders to make us believe that things are in place and responsible people will be taken to task.

Really?? Do you think so? It’s time TO ACT.

Act on……………

Giving justice to the rape victims. ACT to be able to take quick judgement which are time-bound, not only to Nirbhaya but also to all those girls and women who still long for justice. You know that ‘he’ has committed rape, you have all the evidence in hand. Then why delay hanging him to death? Please don’t shove it down our throats saying India has a culture of patience. NOTHING needs to be proven in the case. I am not a human rights violator. But you ought to give the stringent punishment to the people who are responsible, be it a politician or a rapist.

ACT ON……….

Inculcating education by giving basic requirements to people in slums, to people who feel things are right in their own way, to those who feel it’s their goddamn right to rape a woman. The time is not only for speaking about economic growth and development of our nation as a whole, but it is high time we address the problems at the grass-root level and to find a solution which is practical.

I believe in freedom of expression, in all possible ways. Whether it is the AIB Roast or the documentary on Nirbhaya. I am not favoring the ban too. But I question the intention of the film maker- Leslee Udwin. I do! She is a rape victim. Why didn’t she make a documentary on herself? Why pay 40k to a rapist in India for the same? Why not in Saudi Arabia or the place from where she came from? I agree, she has beautifully brought out what the rapist thought about while committing such a hideous crime. And oh yeah, in GRAPHIC DETAIL. But, didn’t we all know it already? Do we really want a Leslee Udwin to make us understand the mindset of many of our men in India? In the name of ‘editing’, don’t you think that the documentary is ‘jazzed’ up to meet the expectations of a Bollywood movie? Do you really believe the documentary is for social justice and changes the mindset of people in and around the world?

Act On…

Letting your Boy child from becoming a rapist! Of educating men to stop raping women. I am done with all the apps that help me get home safe, of all the self-defense classes and pepper spray. I’m done being addressed as a flower, a diamond.

On this great day, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, let me request people to not only make life easy for women but to our generation and the next to come by, taking small but stern steps. I am proud of my traditions and values, let it be for every one.

Please.. Please ACT before WE point fingers at each other, before we expect the other person to act and do his part.

Dear all, the thoughts here are generic as I don’t intend to give a more graphical description to things that are around us including the crimes against women. Identify the causes and there lies the answer.

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. Happy and proud to be a Woman!

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