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Five Dream Destinations!!

Though I always say that I am easy to please, when it came to picking my dream destinations my imaginations knew no bounds. I went about picking the Wonders of the World. Well they say, Dream Big, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Great wall of China: Remember the popular Tollywood/Bollywood movie- Jeans? And the song “Ajooba, ajooba!!” Wow… Ash sizzled the floor and this pic was the first thing to be pictured. I went, “Wow…..”! Need more explanation? Well, I don’t think so!


Eiffel Tower, Paris: Yes, I’m romantic! And I would love to click a pic with P in this Lover’s Paradise. I’ve read,”Β Even the pigeons are dancing, kissing,Β going in circles, mounting each other.Paris is the city of love,even for the birds.” 


Pyramids of Giza:Β a testament to the intelligence and technological advancement of theΒ ancient civilizations of Egypt, I wish I could visit the place. O yeah, I’m humming the song, “Suraj hua Maddham” from K3G <3

Great Pyramid of Giza_wallpaper_hd_egypt

Colosseum Rome:Β With aΒ brutal history of the amphitheater, this design is now an inspiration to many of the modern stadiums. Yes, “Gladiator” is definitely P’s favourite. πŸ™‚


Great Barrier Reef, Australia: A true Piscean that I am, I would like to visit this largest living structure on the planet. It’s just amazing to know that there are thousands of fish species, sea turtles, birds, whales, dolphins and what not in this huge spread of 2600 kms.


Okay so, that’s it for now!! Wish Anita had asked for ten dream destinations instead of five.. πŸ˜› If the wheel of fortune favors me, I would definitely visit these exotic locations. Fingers crossed!


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