Life as I Know It Winning Entries

And there, she falls in love..with her husband!

It’s a WOW Post!!


She is scared surrounded by all the senior officers and ladies in the official “Welcome Dinner”.

Yes, she was a newly wed, to the Olive Green. The morning hours of ragging getting-to-know-you-better sessions included being lifted in a typical shaky Indian “sand truck” and travelling a good 7km in that cold early morning. Little did she know, (rather he could have at least warned her of the next happenings) that many more “surprises” where in store for her.

Now, she is waiting nail bitingly. She is asked to sing in front of the entire “unit” and she politely refuses. She has never sung her entire life. She doesn’t know to sing and looks at her husband for solace.

He grabs the mike from her hand and sings, “Tum ko dekha to yeh khayal aayaaazindagi dhoop tum ghana saaya..”(When I saw you, this thought came to me, Life is a strong sun and you’re the soothing shade….)

He sings so beautifully and winks at her. It was a truly special moment where the magical transformation of arranged marriage to falling in love had happened.

And there, she falls in love..with her husband!

P.S: True story.. my story<3

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Your post must contain the song ‘Tum ko dekha, to ye khayal aaya’


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