What To and Not to Binge-Watch on Netflix This Weekend

I’ve been binge-watching shows like crazy ever since the beginning of lockdown and I thought why not share some of my recent favorites, a few that failed to impress me, and a couple of anticipated releases with you. Here’s What To and Not to Binge-Watch on Netflix This Weekend.

It’s been six months into 2020 already and like you, I am flabbergasted. 2020 has turned out to be life-changing in many ways and the new normal terrifies me. But there is a lot more time in our hands to enjoy some me-time or spend with family and that’s a boon which I’d like to cherish.

Binge-Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Binge-Watch on Netflix This Weekend

1. Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba is loosely based on Indian fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s life. What makes the series more interesting is that real-life mom-daughter duo Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta play the version of themselves. It’s a treat to the eyes and I was instantly drawn to the show which is only all of 180 minutes ~ six episodes that are thirty minutes long.

A glimpse of the struggle in their life and respective careers is shown and somehow that makes it quite relatable. Though the fashion world and Bollywood are full of drama, this duo was able to convince with the utmost credo that there is no shortcut to success and that if you are passionate enough you can move mountains.

Undeniably easy to binge-watch!

2. Love, Guaranteed

Hard-working lawyer Susan takes too many pro bono cases. But to save her small firm, she takes up a high-profile, high-paying case from Nick. Nick wants to sue a dating website -Love, Guaranteed that guarantees its user true love if he/she goes through a thousand dates. But things begin to heat up between the two of them as the case progresses.

Love, Guaranteed is a sweet rom-com and if you are into cheesy movies, this is a definite yay! Cozy up under your duvet with a cup of hot chocolate and you are good to go!

3. How to Get Away With Murder

Netflix has finally launched the series finale of How to Get Away With Murder! I usually wait for a series to complete before starting off with it. The only exception to date was Game of Thrones and the excitement was killing me. I didn’t know Netflix didn’t have the finale of HTGAWM when I began watching it and the way things ended on Season 5, I was on the edge of the seat. Thankfully, I had to wait only a few days for the finale series.

Professor Annalise Keating teaches criminal law at Middleton University and her psychology professor husband Sam Keating gets murdered by the hands of five of her students. The show keeps you hooked from the Pilot episode and it is a treat for all thriller and mystery lovers- especially in the law genre.

While I’m not really convinced about the series finale, it sure gives answers to all the pressing questions. A must-watch!

4. Unbelievable

Unbelievable is an extremely flawless cop drama revolving around the sexual assault of a teenager. The story is based on actual events that took place in Washington in the year 2008. The detectives assigned to investigate the case, mishandle the situation, and end up breaking the girl down.

Executed to perfection, the show lets us know how delicately and diligently a case like sexual assault should be handled. A gripping cop drama for sure!

Shows You Can Skip on Netflix

1. Class of 83′

Featuring Bobby Deol and Anup Soni as cops, Class of 83′ is based on the book by Hussain Zaidi. The trailer was promising and I had strong Once Upon a Time in Mumbai vibes. But it failed to meet the expectations. While it was interesting to watch the life in the police training academy, learn about gang wars, corruption, punishment postings, and the Mumbai of ’80s, there was something amiss.

The actors including Bobby Deol played their part but somehow the film failed to make an impression on me. So, this is something not to binge-watch on Netflix this weekend.

Promising Shows on Netflix

1. Away

Hilary Swank and Josh Charles (fame The Good Wife) ~ that itself sounds promising, right?

Commander Emma Green played by Swank leaves behind her family to lead a three year mission to Mars. This first season has ten episodes and I’m already on episode three. I wouldn’t say the series is pure genius mainly because it is more like a family drama than a sci-fi. Let’s see how well it goes.

Do you want me to review it?

Let me know.

Happy binge-watching!


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