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7 Reasons Why I Love Roald Dahl’s Matilda

The 13th of September was Roald Dahl’s birthday and I decided to read Matilda. I was so impressed by the book that I now realize what a wasted childhood I had without having read the book. What I immediately did soon after I read Matilda was checking Netflix for its movie adaptation and to my surprise, it turned equally good. I think every child should read Matilda. Here are the reasons why I believe so.

7 Reasons why I love Roald Dahl's Matilda

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7 Reasons Why Matilda is my Favorite

The Strong, Inspiring Female Protagonist

Matilda Wormwood lives in a tiny cottage with her family. She is unheard, unseen and unloved by her parents and big brother. While her father sold patched-up cars for profit, her mother left her alone at home to play bingo. She walked alone to the library where she got lost in the world of books. Books are her best friend and even at the early age of two, she could easily speak fluently and by the age of four, she could read Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.
She hoped that things would change when she started school but she had a beast for a Principal, Miss Trunchbull who took pleasure in bullying little kids. Her brutal punishments took away the joy of learning but with the help of her allies – her school friend Lavender and her teacher Miss Honey, she confronts her Principal and how!

Matilda, the Avid Reader

Matilda loved reading and she spends almost every waking hour with her nose in a book. Thanks to Mum, I’ve always loved reading since I was a child and I owe everything to her for inculcating this habit in me. I even snuck a library book under my desk during lessons. Nothing changed during University days as well. Today, I know I can’t sleep without reading at least a few pages a day.

Stand up for Yourself

Matilda teaches us that it isn’t okay to be bullied and manipulated. She is brave and stands up for herself against people who are way elder, larger and stronger than her, which includes her parents and Trunchbull. She helps Miss Honey find the courage to stand up to her evil aunt Miss Trunchbull and reclaim her home.

Goodbye Toxic people

Even at the young age of four, Matilda realizes that there is no place for toxic people in your life. It doesn’t matter what someone’s relationship is to you – parent, spouse, sibling, teacher – if someone abuses you mentally, physically or emotionally, chuck them out of your life. She teaches us that we can’t always trust people in authority to keep us safe.

Cheating is Wrong

Matilda’s father is a cheat who sells patched-up cars. He runs an illegal car dealership and the FBI are after him. Miss Trunchbull too, is an evil woman who kills her brother-in-law and cheats her niece out of her home. Mathilda values honestly over insensitivity and that’s an amazing quality about her.


There are lots of pranks played by Matilda because she believes that bad people should be punished. She uses her intelligence to survive the attacks on her but never once has she boasted about her cleverness.

She is as old as I am!

Matilda was released in 1988 and she is as old as I am! (You do the math!). That’s another reason why I absolutely love her!

Matilda isn’t just another book with clever female protagonist. Reading it as an adult, I realized that one can channel their rage thoughtfully and emotionally.

I’m going to read more Roald Dahl books and you can find them on my Bookstagram.

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7 Reasons why Roald Dahl's Matilda is my Favorite

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