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Nancy Drew – The Teen Sleuth who Made my Childhood

The Nancy Drew series is a well-known classic and is sure to have won all the teenage girls’ hearts with her daring adventures. She sure did mine and I’m proud to say that my school roll number was stamped on every Nancy Drew book in the school library.

You are either a Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Secret Seven or Famous Five fan. You can’t love them all. 😛

The summer vacation of Grade 7 saw me obsessed with Nancy Drew. I’d go to the library every day to return the Nancy Drew book I had taken out the previous day and also check out a new one which would last me till the next morning. Nancy Drew stories belong to one of my favorite genres – detective and crime. Originally introduced in 1930, Nancy Drew has been devoured by millions. Those beautiful yellow-spined books have changed over time but she is still a favorite.

I grew up hoping to find a hidden staircase, tapping on walls and believing all the attics had secrets- thanks to her. With her best friends, her cousins – Bess Marvin and George Fayne, her doting father- lawyer Carson Drew and a loving housekeeper – Hannah Green, she had everything she wanted to solve any crime and put the bad guys behind bars.

Often referred to as Nancy’s special friend, Ned Nickerson also is a prominent character in this series. Remember, the book was set in the 1930’s and there was no question of the two making out. Ned was just a nice boy who loved to take a stroll by the lake with his girlfriend. Sadly, Nancy would almost always find something shiny and cry out, “Oh, Clue!” and Ned would then drive off with Nancy, Bess, and George in his car while the latter chitter-chattered about some sunken treasure.

I wasn’t an especially talented detective and that made me an ideal audience for the mysteries. I loved the suspense and each plot twist. I looked up to the clever, perfect Nancy Drew. She remains one of my favorite heroines because she wasn’t distracted by a well-cut tuxedo or a dazzling smile. Ah, well. That’s the feminist in me talking!

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Nancy Drew Teen Sleuth detective stories

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