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Like a Girl by Aparna Jain #BookReview

Have you read Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls? When the book was published a couple of years ago, it was all the rage. It was full of real-life stories of inspirational women who weren’t afraid to chase their dreams. However, only two Indian women, namely Rani Laxmi Bai and Mary Kom were featured in this book. I, with all my heart, really wished for a similar book featuring all the inspirational Indian women icons and the wait wasn’t for long.

I came across the Goodnight stories for Rebel girls when I was looking for a gift to my niece who was visiting India from the U.S. Needless to say, she absolutely loved it for it featured a hundred women who dared to break the glass ceiling.

Aparna Jain’s Like a Girl is a similar book focusing on 56 Indian women from all walks of life. What catches your eye at first is the hardcover and the beautiful illustrations. Some of those just took my breath away!

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It was 2003 when I had just come out of my study room to find my Dad engrossed in a live telecast. The space shuttle Columbia was making a re-entry to the earth's atmosphere after being in space for sixteen days. Tension gripped in as the news reporters reminded us about the damaged left wing on the shuttle. And just like that, the shuttle broke apart in 73 seconds. All the astronauts on board were killed, Kalpana Chawla included. . . I remember, sitting on the sofa, tears running down my cheeks, praying. This day was when I realized that I could shed tears for someone else, ither than friends or family. . . From choosing a name by herself at the age of four because it meant 'imagination, to being a curious child and wondering how planes could fly, to being the only girl in Punjab University in Chandigarh for aeronautical engineering, to working at NASA, and to being the first woman of Indian origin to go to Space, she has done it all. She is a true inspiration. And yes, she fought like girl! . . 👧QOTD: Tell me your favorite real life hero, a girl, who has gone out of her way to do it all? 👩‍🎓This post is in response to @booksnbeyondbox #bnbcatwoman unboxing Prompt 3: 'Fight Like a Girl' notebook atop an open book. . . #MuffyRNair #MufasatheGoldenRetriever #MuffyTales 🐕 . . #bibliophiledog #book #booksnbeyond #booksnbeyondbox #bookstagramfeature #bibliophile #bookphotography #goldenretrieversofig #bestwoof #woofwoof #goldenretriever #amreading #currentread #likeagirl #bookstagram #bookblogger #bookworm #indianbook #stationary #stationaryaddict #bookish #unitedbookstagram #unboxing

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From Bhanwari Devi and Sultana Razia, to modern day icons like Burkha Dutt and P.V. Sindhu, Like a Girl covers pioneers from almost all the professions. As you can find in the above Instagram post, Kalpana Chawla is one Indian woman that I truly look up to.

Truly motivational and thought-provoking, Like a Girl is a must-read to young and old alike. It discusses their journey breaking taboos, fighting hardships and chasing dreams to reach where they are now. It also discusses the importance of gender equality, the importance of education for girls and also, caste and creed equity.

The book isn’t preachy and you can easily read about each icon like a short story. Like a Girl by Aparna Jain would make for a great gift to young girls and also as a personal copy for yourself. My only pet peeve being, the book doesn’t shy away from sensitive issues. So, I’d definitely recommend parental supervision to discuss topics like sexual assault.

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