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“If you meet someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?” – Jill Scott

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We live in a narrow-minded world. Hop onto a metro, you’ll find people plugged into their phones. Sit down for a cup of coffee, they are glued to their books. You simply don’t have the time to even stand and gaze or to appreciate what is right in front of your eyes.

However, don’t you feel nice when someone says something good about you? You’ve likely gotten them when you’re a knockout in that flattering dress, or when your hair is flipping the right way at the right time on the right day. Didn’t you feel just great? If you’ve received a compliment, you should understand that he/she has taken the time to notice and appreciate things.

So, why do we then be so frugal and miserly in offering some? Maybe, we are too busy noticing what is wrong with ourselves, the world, and others, that you forget to notice what is right and beautiful. Or you feel undeserving of compliments and kindness. Further, you are self-absorbed and you see everyone as a competition.

Another reason could be that you’re shy and you do not know how to pay a compliment. I don’t know how, but I always shamelessly spread good feelings and my life in the Army has taught me that it is indeed a good thing. Whenever the ladies get together, they are never scanty in showering compliments.

Compliments needn’t be dramatic! It is so easy to do. All you have to do is find something nice to say about someone and say it to them! It could be as simple as ‘Yellow suits you!”,’I like your hairdo’,’What do I do without you!’,’That tastes really good!’ or simply ‘You Rock!”.

Paying a compliment creates an atmosphere of positive energy. You genuinely feel good, smile at the other person and there is gratitude involved. It also initiates friendships and a good rapport. A compliment gives an immediate boost to your mood. It is important to make people feel acknowledged and loved because who knows, it might even make their day!  By doing so you bring people closer and thereby the relationship. Nothing makes a person feel better about themselves than a thoughtful appreciation.

I’m not asking you to flirt with the next guy you see on the pavement who throws off a scary vibe. It’s just that giving compliments is such a selfless thing to do and it also makes your heart warm and nice. 

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

– Mark Twain

Pay a Compliment Today!

Are you game to take up this small task of giving a compliment to someone today? Your loved one or a stranger? Let your loved one know that they aren’t taken for granted. Or build a new friendship by saying a good thing to your neighbour next door.

Once done, come back and leave a comment and let me know 🙂

Thank you, folks!

You are just AMAZING!

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  2. “If you meet someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?” – Jill Scott
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