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Microtales are quite the in thing these days. These stories speak a lot in fewer words and often leaves the reader with a huge scope of imagination. I salute those who can write flash fiction, 55ers and I have always been a fan of micro tales. It needs creativity and a vivid imagination to pen down this genre of stories. So when I had the opportunity to grab a book on such short stories aka micro tales, I took it. Did it make me go Whoa every single time? Read to know.

Small is big microtales book review

The Plot:

Small is Big is a collection of 100 tiny tales – some happy, some romantic, a few sad and a few thrillers. It thus, claims to have a story for everyone. I have read micro tales on social media including blogs and Twitter. Expressing oneself in so little words call for sheer talent. The stories in this book are of less than 140 characters, that does make it amazing.

Review: Small is Big by Rafaa Dalvi

The Whoa and Ouch Moments!

Small is Big is a quick read. Well, of course. Duh! I should say that I wasn’t entirely disappointed. With a potpourri of different genres of tales- some romantic, humorous, some that make you ponder, some that break your heart and a few dark tales that would send a chill down your spine. A few of these have a fun play on words. And that’s the highlight of the book. I really enjoyed the various flavours the book had to offer.

The stories are alphabetically presented. A quick read you ought to take on this book with an open mind. Few of the tales are really good but I found that many were just okay. You may have a different perspective though.

Few stories that are found in the blurb will give you an idea:

If you’re a romantic at heart, this micro tale is for you-
She kissed his cheek as he smiled back. Nothing had changed much since two decades.
Her husband called her.
She hid the photo in the closet.

If you love happy endings, this micro tale is for you-
You rested on my lap, opened yourself before me and shared your fantasies with me.
Then the stories ended and you turned back into a book.

If you ever had a tough time fitting in, this micro tale is for you-
Nerd. Not anymore. A new college. A new identity.
Math. First lecture. Finished my test first.
Teacher graded me aloud- 20/20. I had failed.

If you are a big fan of word play, this micro tale is for you-
They’re lying in bed.
“You’re the one,” he says; he’s lying.
“I never doubted it,” she says; she’s lying.
They’re lying in bed.

And if you like thrillers, this micro tale is for you-
There were two of us and one vacant position.
He would die for this job and I would kill for it.
No wonder it worked out just fine for me.

Do I Recommend?

Yes! A quick read!


3.5 on 5

Grab the book from Amazon if you’re up for it.

Details of the Book
Title: Small is Big Publisher: –
Author: Rafaa Dalvi ASIN: B077VPLLF3
Genre: Micro Tales No: of Pages: 110

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