Word of the Year & In the Moment in 2018

2018 is here and I can’t be any more excited. Last year was splendid for me. You can read my Gratitude 2017 post where I looked back and wrote about all of my favorite moments of the year. It’s now time to look forward to what this year has in store for me. Oh, and what better than finding a Word of the Year and taking it up from there?

woty2018 word of the year 2018

Last year, I chose the word ‘Thrive‘. The word meant so much to me, for I wanted to declutter and flourish. I wanted to take a break and progress forward. My goal was to improve my health, focus on my blogs, travel and explore, and most important among these were to take time for myself. While I would confess that I couldn’t do it all, 2017 helped me in many ways. Travel was on our cards, either by choice or destiny. P and I visited so many new places and it helped us rediscover ourselves. And the best part was that I thoroughly enjoyed every single bit that 2017 had to offer us.

2015 and 2016 were rather depressing. And no, I am not using the word ‘depressing’ in a casual sense. My heart was broken and there were days when I felt my heart being ripped into pieces and I went through a seething pain in my heart. I couldn’t sleep, or concentrate on my work. I hated everything about life and relationships. I had lost hope and faith. When I chose the word ‘Embrace‘ in 2015, all it meant was to stop fighting so hard for people who were just not worth my time. While a part of me still miss them, I believe, maybe it was for the good. And that’s when I chose ‘Focus‘ as my WOTY for 2016. I had to take some life-altering decisions including choosing a life with my husband over my career.

And that brings me to my word for 2017. I had been contemplating over this one for the last one week and there were many words that came to my mind. A few of them include Dare, Strive, and Simplify. I couldn’t just pick one. And then a dear friend, a blogger pinged me for a casual chat. She said she was in awe of my energy. And I left it at that. Next day, I saw a tweet from another dear blogger, who I admire very much mentioning the same. Though I was overwhelmed, I somehow let it go. The third day saw another message from a friend who said he was inspired by my enthusiasm. Well, that says it all, don’t you think?

I may come across as an overenthusiastic person. I take up so many things in one go and I always have so many things on my plate. But sometimes, it is just too much. There are days when I scream my lungs out. Enough! Because deep down, I have this fear of overanalyzing things. What if I do this? What if I don’t do this? What if it goes wrong? What if no one reads me? What if I don’t write anymore? Yup. That has led me to be stagnant most of November and December.

So what should I do? I need to slow down. I need to breathe. Let go. Put my feet up. Relax.

..and that’s exactly why I chose my Word of the Year as Savor. 

savor word of the year 2018 woty2018

What does Savor mean to me?

Believe me. It’s not a word that comes easily to me. I cannot sit still for longer periods. My mind jump jumps around all the time. There are so many things to do, so many projects to try.

But this word has a gentleness about it that makes me think of a beautiful day, of sunshine and ease of being. Savor would mean that I need to take it slow, to take a chill pill. That I should do things out of my interest and not of compulsion. It could be about reading a particular blog or a book, or participating in a campaign or choosing a brand.

Savor would mean that I should slow down and be in the moment. To take a breath and enjoy the crisp winter chills. To smile at the neighbor with the jaunty hat walk his dog. To stay still and capture on my camera the varying colors of the hills as the sun sets.

No. This doesn’t make me stagnant. It will help me grow. I can pay better attention and focus on things that are important to me. It will help me appreciate each moment more, to consciously stop and enjoy the good moments in life instead of thinking ahead about the next thing. To also be angry or grieve in the moment. That’s the point, right?

…and with that, I bring to you my first project for the year 2018! 


In the Moment 2018

Starting today, I will be taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram daily under #IntheMoment2018

Wish me luck! I might have something lined up for my food blog as well. But as you can see, I am not pretty sure about it yet. So if I make it to the second month, I will make an official announcement. What say?

❤ ツ ✿

Do you have a Word of the Year? I would love to know. Please jot it down in my comment section. Or if you have written a post, feel free to drop the link.



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