Why do I adore MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal? A Review

As I sip my morning cup of tea,
I know he’ll bawl, “Where’s my tee!”
So many things to do, so little time
I grab my journal to scribble ‘I ought to buy thyme’!
It’s time to go shopping, I need to make a list
Before it all gets missed!
The grocery list, posts to write, recipes to cook, and photographs to edit
Party planning, packing, shifting, and setting up a new home
“Gosh! It is everlasting!” I feel so forlorn.
Then I marvel at the pretty journal in hand,
Of colors, doodles, and stickers
A smile curls up and takes me away to a dreamland.

A Journal? You Got to be Kidding Me!

I know you would be thinking who writes a journal these days. In the modern era where books are replaced with Kindles and notepads with EverNote and MS Word, who would use a pen and paper? Call me old school, but I cherish handwritten letters and cards. The love and emotion that one can pour in when using a pen cannot be done while typing on a computer.

I love making lists. That’s how I breathe easy.

Grocery Lists, Expenses Lists, Guests Lists, To-Do Lists, Menu Planning, What to Buy, Wish Lists, and even a Bucket List – I live my life in lists. Period. Thank God my husband has this obsession too and at present, as I type this, he is busy making a list of what goes inside the Black Box No:38. (Yes, we are packing our home and we are moving again. Perks of being an Army Wife! )

I usually jot them down on a piece of paper and all is lost when I need them the most. Sometimes, it would be an idea for a new blog post. A thing which my girlfriend had said over a cup of coffee last evening. Or the need to refer back to when I wrote a book review or when a brand approached me for a sponsored post. But then I do not want to go through the 25000 emails.

Sometimes, I just want to doodle. Draw smiley faces. Note the movie dialogue which struck a chord somewhere. Or to simply color a page. MatrikaS lets you do that.

Thus, when a fellow blogger told me about the Blogger Outreach Program for the Creative Woman’s Journal series by MatrikaS Paper Products, I leapt with joy. The journal arrived in neat packaging accompanied by a personalized letter which I believe is a thoughtful thing to do.

Why do I adore MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal?

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal The Fish Review

I mean, look at it! It is chic and classy. Of the four journals (To Dream-Pink, To Glide-Blue, To Write-Red and To Fly-Brown) that MatrikaS had to offer, it was no rocket science that I’d chose the Blue Journal – The Fish – To Glide. Strange Choice? Of course, not! Because I am a true Piscean by nature – excited, inspired, and passionate and effortlessly gliding towards my goals, come what may!

They Say You Can Judge a Book by its Cover! I say, Hold On!

I was drawn to the beautiful Metallic Gold Colored Fish Design, the golden dots, and the navy blue velvety Hard Bound Cover. The contrast of the colors and the artwork of the fish print is mesmerizing and adds to a great visual treat.

A small Envelope is attached to the back cover where you can keep your bills and any important notes. I am using it to carry my pretty bookmarks and visiting cards. The Satin Page Marker helps in marking your reference page so that you don’t miss it.

MatrikaS Paper Products Stationary Journal

It is secured by an Elastic Band attached to the back to keep the journal closed. Oh! There’s also a tiny loop that acts as a Pen Holder! Brilliant thought for I needn’t go through hundreds of things in my bag to get hold of a pen.

Open the journal, and you can find the Personal Details page followed by a little note about the creative woman’s journal.

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal Blue Review

The pages are round-cornered and have Ruled Pages to be used for journalling and jotting down your dreams. There are no dates and that’s great, for I do not do ‘Dear Diary’ entries every day. These pages are smooth and light and using a sharpie may create impressions on the back of the page.

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal Detailed Review

There are Plain Sheets to ‘Scribble your heart away’ and that’s exactly what I plan to do. These are thick and perfect for doodling!

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal Page by Page Review

The 8 Adult Coloring Pages inspired by nature is the highlight of the journal. The designs are intricate and pretty and it is therapeutic when you attempt at it. Gave me a childlike glee, I tell you!

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal Adult Coloring Pages

But the best part among them all are these Creative Stickers! It won my heart and spruces up further with stickers like ‘starting Today I…’, ‘Things I never thought I’d do…’ or ‘Secret Obsessions’.

MatrikaS Creative Woman'd Journal Review

The last few pages are dedicated to ‘Places to be Visited and Books to be Read, satiating my list-making hunger.

MatrikaS Creative Woman's Journal in depth review

How am I using the MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal?

My blog posts are no longer just in my head. Thanks to MatrikaS, I now have a fun, chic and classy journal to write on.

Being a travel buff, I use the journal mainly for jotting down all about the place I’m headed to -be it the main attractions or the eateries to head to. It has happened in the past that I am on a hilltop with no network coverage and I know that there is this particular shop where I’d get the best Cheese in town. Bleh! If only I had noted it down!

There is a ‘Name and Address’ page in the journal which I use to make a note of my favorite Bloggers and their Websites 🙂

Priced at Rs.450, these journals are a must-buy -to dream, spread wings, fly and explore your imagination. It is also a great gifting option, especially for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Buy from MatrikaS website or from Amazon (direct link).

My Rating:

So much thought and effort has gone into the design of this product. A fab 5 on 5 for the stunning journal which asks each woman ‘to stop and smell the roses in her daily life’! It satisfies the ‘I-need-all-things-chic’ in me!

Thank you, Team MatrikaS for reminding me to glide towards my dreams no matter what! To pick up my pen again for the hope of a better world! 

About MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal

The word ‘Matrika’ means Mother in Sanskrit. Taking inspiration from the powerful energies of a mother, these journals are meant to help channelize on’s energies to ideate, innovate & express. These are not just any regular notebook with a fancy cover & lined pages. These journals are created in a way that it gives so much joy to the person using them & unleashes the creativity through their carefully well thought of design.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal of my choice in return for my honest review.

Do you love journals and diaries? I would love to know if you possess such chic ones. Oh! Feel free to pin this!

MatrikaS Journal Review Pinterest


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