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A Walk in the Rain #BookReview

Title: A Walk in the Rain A Walk in the Rain - Book Review - Udai Yadla - Good Reads
Author: Udai Yadla
No: of Pages: 341
Genre: Thriller/Romance
Publisher : Partridge Publishing India

It was the blurb that got me with this book.


A Walk in the Rain is a story of love, revenge, second chances and redemption. The story begins with the innocent love of young Sunny and Sandy who falls into the cruel hands of destiny and are separated. She was his confidant, the ray of light in his quiet dark life and in an instant its all gone. He has lost his first love from school days but is still living in the past. He believes that someday somewhere he would be united with his one true love.

Sunny’s friend Imran, who is a goon himself gives him a surprise on his birthday. But it gets them both in trouble and Imran is killed. Sunny is bound and determined on revenge and can seek help from only one, Saloni – a prostitute. They hate each other, but Saloni needs money and agrees to help. Together they set sail to an adventurous journey, with twists and turns.



The love story between Sunny and his Sandy touched my heart. It was heart-wrenching to uncover the truth and the author did a good job in creating suspense and anticipation. My favorite character is Saloni, who is courage, braveness and determination put together. Even when a thousand things pull her down, hope keeps her going. This is the author’s first book and he has beautifully portrayed the turmoil in a girl’s heart and how she hides it beneath her smile. He was successful in building different layers to a romantic tale and that has brought out the story well. The other characters gel well with the story as well. Applause for knitting a story around human trafficking and commercial prostitution, bringing light the different social issues and our attitude towards them.

The climax was heartwarming and the cover page is apt.


The narration was a bit far stretched for it was difficult to go past the first 150 pages or so. It often made me wonder if the story was going according to the plot and I went back to the blurb many a times. The latter half is the soul of the story and it made it a decent read. The editing could’ve been better for it needs a bit of fine-tuning.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, it is an impressive debut.

My Favorite Line:

“It’s beyond your consciousness that your soul lingers with the person you love and hence your mood will affect the one you love. This is the reason why you sometimes sense your mood changing mysteriously with no reason.”


3 on 5.

Disclaimer: I received a copy  of the book in return for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the same. 

About the Author

Udai Yadla is a passionate author and poet. Mechanical engineer by education, Software engineer by profession, Writer by passion. Owing to his job, he travelled to various cities, socializing with people of different cultures. He cultivated interest in learning more about people, which perhaps enticed him into the study of human psychology. His interest in psychology is evident in his writings. His first book ‘A walk in the rain’ is widely appreciated equally by critics and peers. He has been nominated for Forbes India Celebrity 100 List and is the most sought after author among young breed of authors. He is currently working on his next novel, which is a psychological thriller.

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