Tiny Shoes

“Look how excited you are!  Slow down, Megha. Our flight is only the day after. And you would awaken Isha”, teased Rohith. They were going back to their motherland after so long. Megha’s excitement is obvious as they were travelling to India for the first time after Isha’s birth.

It took 36 hours for them to reach. The weather was pleasant and along with the showers, there was a lot of happiness that showered upon them from their friends and family. Even the uncle from the tea-stall seemed to remember them and came over with a basketful of local sweets and snacks.

Megha was happy and relaxed when Isha was taken care of by her grandparents. At two, she was an adorable kid. She was loved by one and all and Isha was at her cheerful self. For a change, she was surrounded by a lot of new faces unlike in the U.S. , where all she saw was Megha and Rohith.

Three weeks passed by with temple visits, shopping and family time. It was time for them to return back. The night before the departure, Megha went to her mother and laid down beside her.

“Ma, I miss you all. I miss walking around carelessly, the small shops, the weddings, even our little dog Brownie. Ma, moreover I miss lying down next to you and tell all that’s happening in my life”, a small tear left from the corner of her eye.

“Megha, could you take that small packet from the cupboard, please?” said her mother.

Megha got it and looked at her mother.

“Well, open it. It’s for Isha”, her mother smiled.

Megha did as told and was happy to find a pair of tiny shoes.

“Mom, this.. this is….”, she was exhilarated.

She felt a sense of familiarity, of belonging, of one’s own. She looked at her mother and smiled.


P.S: As a teen, I used to love wearing my Mom’s skirts, I’m sure she has saved a lot of my favourite frocks, in hope of making use of it again. J

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Day 5 Prompt – Tiny Shoes


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