Caught Red-handed

“Ma, but no. I did not eat butter”, said little Krishna when he was caught red-handed. Yashoda looked at her son seated on an upturned mortar with butter smeared hands and feet.

Krishna ran as if very much afraid, when he saw Yashoda coming with a stick in hand. He allowed himself to be caught by her after running a little distance.

“I hear complaints from almost anyone and everyone. Your mischief has crossed all bounds. I am angry from the daily taunt of all the villagers. I gave you too much freedom”, said Yashoda after throwing the stick away. But she then brought a rope and decided to tie Krishna to the mortar. She found the rope a little short and brought a longer one. Still the rope proved to be short. Every time she joined more lengths of rope, the shortage of two inches remained constant.

Seeing his mom exhausted, Krishna finally allowed her to succeed but then dragged the heavy mortar behind him, walking around, leaving a smitten and laughing Yashoda behind.


This is one of my favorite stories of little Krishna. I used to sit in awe and wonder whenever my Grandma told his adventures and mischief. As a teenager, I fell in love with him after enacting a play as Mirabai. Now, he is more of a friend, a companion. 😀

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Day 4 Prompt – Caught red-handed


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