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Dining In #AtoZChallenge

Mostly a lounge suit party, Dining In is conducted to welcome an officer and his wife to the Unit, with a mesmerizing evening. It marks the beginning of their new tenure in the unit. And if he is newly married and his wife joins him in the station, the celebration becomes three-fold.

Remember my first post when I said, I stepped foot in the Army Base and had a warm welcome by his Unit? And I started realizing the traditional way of addressing one another and the horror of being called Aunty by the Army Brats? That was my first Dining In.

This evening is arranged mainly to shed inhibitions, to get to know each other- the officers and their families, to know the current status of the Unit family and of course, to have some fun.

Being my first, I had asked my soldier on what I should be wearing. And based on his suggestion, I was clad in a beautiful Kanjeevaram saree only to find out the other ladies in casuals! From then on, I never bothered asking him the dreaded question- what to wear!

The dining in starts with a general interaction followed by the performance of the Unit Band- at least we had one. When I was smiling and nodding my head to the ladies, I heard someone call out my husband’s name. Next thing I saw was him with a mike, ready to sing along with the band. Call it the tragedy of arranged marriage, I hardly knew anything about him! Forget about his talent to sing!

And when he looked into my eyes and sang, Ek ajnabi haseena se yoon mulaaqaat ho gayi..Phir kya hua yeh naa pucho, kuch aisi baat ho gayi.., I fell in love with him, my husband, my soldier!

Of course, before I could savour the moment, I was asked to sing! The horror of it. Well if you have heard me you would definitely come to a conclusion that either I am a six year old, or a singer, or works in animation movies! Well, I being a sport, went and stood next to him, grabbed the mike only to look into his eyes.


He knew I couldn’t sing and sang again, Chuukar mere mann ko kiya tune kya Ishaara! Man, I was floored by his charm.

The evening also saw me playing Dumb Charads with the officers and kids. We had a sumptuous five course meal as well. Oh, the prim and proper dining, without even the noise of cutlery or the slurp of food. I confess I was intimidated at first.

Dining in is a privileged moment as you are the Guest of Honor and all eyes are on you. It is concluded with an entry in the register where you can write what you feel …may be on being a part of the Fauj or the Unit.

But boy, mine didn’t stop there. Someone suggested out of the blue, to grab an ice-cream. It was already one in the morning and then I realized, that Army parties never end.

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


I hope you come back again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here is an easy Chicken recipe from my Food Blog to try out!

I’m on co-host Pam’s Unconventional Alliance Team along with Parul from Happiness and Food, Rajlakshmi from The Twinkle Eyed Traveler andDestiny’s Child and Claire from A Field Trip Life

Song Translation:

I came across a beautiful stranger,

Do not ask what happened next,

For something did happen…


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