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Look who’s One!!

September 1, 2014

Yes, my Tomato blog turns One today! Yippeeyaayy…!! And see how I celebrated. My first cake! 😀 I’m so proud of it!! 🙂


Here’s the recipe 🙂

Join me as I relive each milestone of my blog.

I started this blog with the aim of sharing recipes which I tried in the kitchen. And when I first posted the Chicken Sarka recipe, I knew nobody is ever going to read it. And that’s true! Nobody ever did! 😛 As days passed, I got few friends.

By January, I started penning down my musings. And guess what! I began enjoying writing. Slowly and steadily I wrote on many prompts and daily posts from WordPress.

The major turning point or the important decision I had taken for my blog baby was to participate in the A to Z Challenge in April.  Oh boy, that changed the course of my baby’s life! Love started pouring in from every nook and corner. I was happy that my blog was being read and my efforts in cooking the traditional Kerala cuisine for the challenge were recognized. Yes, I made them from scratch, some which were never tried before. It was challenging! But, I got many friends and the opportunity to know some fabulous bloggers and their blogs. I’m extremely happy that I am still in touch with many of them. Will I participate in the Challenge next year???? Oh yes, definitely!lil things

Joining the Write Tribe group was another milestone. This amazing group has helped me and my blog grow. I’ve become more disciplined and I try to write daily in at least one of my blogs. Yes, a month ago, I started a new blog, solely for food- Something’s Cooking! I was in a huge dilemma about starting one, but finally my dearest friend had suggested me to go for it. I’m talking about Gauri, the mastermind behind the MindBrew blog – A stranger who grew close to my heart. A true inspiration and an amazing friend who was always there to lend a hand when in crisis. Cheers to you and thanks for always being there!!! I pray that you achieve all that you dream of (you know what I’m talking about! ).

I also got encouragement and motivation from Corinne. A true mentor in every sense, she is there to help you when in need. Through the Write tribe, I have also known Vidya and just like Corinne’s, her blogs simply inspire you. I can’t leave out the following names which makes me wanna write more and more and more…

Carol Graham from BatteredHope, Rajlakshmi from Destiny’s Child, Laurel from Alphabet Salad, Suzy from SomedaySomewhere, Vinay from IRhymeWithoutReason, Shailaja from MomDiary, Shilpa from A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose!, Sreeja from AlertMind, Dhanya from Skinnychefdecuisine and Dimple from Shivaay Delights. I also love reading other exemplary bloggers, each one unique in their own way. In no particular order- Swathi, Nibha, Naba, BelooSanchDebbie, Inderpreet, Kajal, Jayanta, Preethy,  Roshan, Anita, BhavyaCathy, Tulika, Eli and Usha Mam.

Here are my Popular posts till date:

Dad, You’re my Life, My Everything


And there, she falls in love..with her husband!


The 12 Most… in my Life List


Lessons of Love


Blogadda had chosen few of my posts as WOW posts: wowbadge

1. Be a Blessing.. 2. Best of Friends 3. Mom, You’re the Best!! 4. I’m Blossom- the Powerpuff Girl!! 5. I’m Me-A Woman! 6. Paired Forever 7. I Was Tempted..

And my poem, Silent fear was also a Tangy Tuesday pick. 

Tangy Tuesday Picks - Blogadda

I was  showered with  Blog Awards.download5 Liebster awards, 2 The Quintet of Radiance Award, 2 Sunshine awards, WordPress Family award, Dragon’s loyalty award, Versatile blogger award, Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, and Very Inspiring Blogger award. That’s so much Love, isn’t?

I had participated in many contests, esp at Blogadda and my first goodies came in for the Malaysia Jao contest20140503_130421

followed by the Star Sports Tee for Anything for the Men in Blue.

New folder

I was elated when I asked to do a Guest post on one of the fab food bloggers- Skinnychefdecuisine. And she loved my Nutella truffles!!!

Nutella truffles

It was like a suspense-packed thriller experience when I participated for #WhatTheBlack activity conducted by Blogadda. It gave me heebie-jeebies and I was as enthusiastic as a kid playing treasure hunt or hide and seek. The mischief  behind the campaign, captured the bloggers and kept them on pins and needles.

It was a month ago when the Lady Luck started favoring me! My post, The Lion-Hearted! was adjudged Runners Up in the Mardaani activity. I was jumping with joy when I received a signed letter from Rani Mukherjee and special goodies.


My winning spree continued when I was awarded with a gift voucher of 5K  for To the Glorious Past. Needless to say that I was on cloud nine!

I also happy to receive three author-signed books from Blogadda for the book review.

So, it is One year, 222 posts, 15K+ footprints, and 400 followers later, I am set to begin another exciting year on Tomatoes.

I am happy that my baby is looking beautiful in her new dress theme, and she has got a lovely “About Me” page.

I’m setting few goals for her second year:

1. Write daily (atleast 5 a week so that I can dedicate time for my food blog too)

2. Do/Ask a guest post every month

3. Host an event

4. Get published

5. Win more teeny tiny contests

6. Read more

7. Make friends

8.  Be happy with all her little baby steps.

Did you check out my new tagline? —- Yes,

❤ ツ ✿ ❤ IT’S THE LIL’ THINGS… ❤ ツ ✿ ❤


❤ Happy Birthday, Baby ❤

Thanks all for reading me brag!! I hope you continue to shower your love!

Day 1 of NaBloPoMo September Challenge.

Day 1 of Write tribe Pro Blogger Challenge.

Day 1 of Ultra Blogging Challenge Challenge.


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