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This post is part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Your post must revolve around ‘two material things that normally are paired together’., I had left a sticky note on “Things-to-buy” on the refrigerator before I left for work. I knew at the back of my mind, that P would take notice of it and would definitely go shopping.

And the one thing on priority was Shampoo-Conditioner. I had clearly jotted down the “Brand name” too. I was running out of’em and I had a party to attend to, the same night. I was all happy and jubilant throughout work, pondering over the new dress and the hairstyle that I was going to flaunt. True that I couldn’t decide on whether I should go chic, classy, funky, laid back, glamorous or pretty, but I wanted to look all chipper myself.

Fotor032293444  And what awaits me when I reach home??- a lonely bottle of Shampoo!! “But where’s the Conditioner? I asked you to buy a Conditioner too”, I screamed at P for letting me down. I was absolutely aghast to hear him say, “What’s a conditioner?? I thought you need only a shampoo to wash your hair. Who on earth uses a conditioner? What does it do???”

I didn’t know whether to laugh at his innocence or pity myself for not giving proper instructions. (You can’t blame me! How could I imagine him not knowing about Conditioner? ). I couldn’t make him understand that Shampoo-Conditioner is just like what Bread is to Butter, Pen is to Paper or Salt is to Pepper. I somehow managed to dress up and be at the party. Alas, I looked like I had just come out from a grave.



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