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Love in the Time of Affluenza #BookReview

Love in the Time of Affluenza revolves around the lives of Natasha, her aristocratic husband and her friend Trisha. Natasha is a beautiful woman, married to Varun- an actual Prince, and is a mom to three kids. She is a prolific writer who sacrificed her career to take care of her family and raise her three children. She is a columnist now who draws inspiration from her lavish life of affluent friends and designer clothes. But when she finds her best friend Trisha having an affair with another man, she begins questioning about her life too. Trisha being Varun’s best friend’s wife makes things even more complicated.

Love in the Time of Affluenza- Review:

This is a fun, witty and light read. Though the story revolves around opulent characters and their lifestyle, one can easily relate to Natasha, the main protagonist. The everyday challenges of being a stay-at-home mother, the ‘mother-in-law’ dramas, the caveman attitude that sometimes creeps up in your otherwise decent and loving husband, and striving to be independent all the while are somethings most women go through.

Things take a turn for the worst when Natasha finds her best friend Trisha cheating on her husband and sleeping with a man. She is in deep trouble wondering what’s right – to be the confidant of a friend or to tell the truth to the ones who would be hurting. She also starts questioning her own life.

The first half of the book is extremely entertaining that I found myself smiling quite often. One can actually visualize the narration and being able to relate to most of the scenarios also helped. The hilarious and sarcastic narrative is the soul of the book. I also loved the many literary references from Slyvia Path to Anna Karenina too! The author has also shown the glamourous and glitzy Mumbai to perfection.

The ending disappointed me a bit, a wee bit to be exact. But overall, it is a fun read, very Bollywood! I won’t be surprised if it becomes a Hindi movie soon. 🙂

Thank you, Bloomsbury India for the review copy.

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