Welcome, My Precious #writebravely #CelebrateWriteTribe

I loved you
from the moment
I knew you were a part of me
before you drew your first breath
before I held you close.

I took you to long walks
to gardens afar
singing lullabies
as you soothed into a sleep.

When Dad read you bedtime stories
you retorted with a kick on my belly
We giggled like little girls
And waited for you to come into our arms.

Oh, my baby girl
So perfect, so new
You are the miracle
we longed for in life

Those pudgy cheeks
and silky soft skin
the bitty fingers
tangled in the locks of my hair
a little beating heart upon mine.

Oh, my sugar plum
pink as the blossoms
budding on the vine
Welcome home, my precious.

Tears in his eyes
Pride across his face
A kiss on my forehead
And our hearts well up, rejoicing.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019

Day 2 : One Word Prompt – Miracle



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