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Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar #BookReview

How often do you get to read a gripping thriller, that too in Indian fiction? Believe me, I have tried reading many ‘so-called’ bestsellers over the years, but nothing really won my heart. It always lacked the basic adrenaline pumping, nail-biting storyline.

So, how did ‘Sniper’s Eye‘ fare amongst them all? Read to know.

Sniper's eye book review

The Plot:

..and he walked hand-in-hand with his bae. Little did he know what was in store for them. A rifle shot? The man in front of them had been shot. That too, in the middle of a busy road in Mumbai. And then, he spots the sniper. Should he go after him? It means tapping on his buried past which will eventually put him on the terror kill list. Will he take that chance to protect his loved ones? Will he join hands with the unlikely companion to unfold the mystery behind the killings?

Aaditya Ghosh is a former Major in the Indian Army who had left his career and is secretive about it all. He joins the corporate sector and meets Zoya, who becomes the love of his life. On their date, a man is shot dead right in front of their eyes. Aaditya spots the sniper atop a mall and runs after him only to kill the sniper’s accomplice. He becomes a hero overnight and the media’s hot new favorite.

But Aaditya knows best. He tries to keep a low profile but his past is dug up and exposed to the public by the journalists. Meanwhile, it is also found that several retired Army officers are targeted by terrorists and are being killed. Now, Aaditya is on the terror kill list too. In order to protect his loved ones, he will have to take a chance and maybe, join hands with an unlikely companion to discover the truth.

Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar – Book Review

Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar is a perfect blend of mystery and suspense. I was hooked from the word go. It has a brilliant storyline incorporating the life of our men in uniform– the conflicts, the fears, the killings, and the bloodshed. The nucleus of the story is terrorism, Jihad, corruption, and crime.

“The national anthem played on a radio somewhere and the kids stopped playing, standing at attention. I smiled as I watched them resume their game once it had stopped. That simple gesture taught me a lot – I lived in an India where it was fashionable to debate whether the anthem should be played in cinema halls and whether one should stand for it. But there was still an India out there, where patriotism was still taken as an article of faith.”

Apart from the book being an amazing thriller, this is what drew me into it. Such significant snippets from our country, the political as well as cultural issues and indifference which we face every other day. It also focuses on the relationship of our country with its neighbors– Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The unpolished and bare portrayal of the life in the Forces was what won my heart. I was also impressed with the way the author portrayed that section of our media which is all about the ‘breaking’ news, defaming, abusing and impugning in the name of 9-o’clock debates and which believes that there can be smoke without fire. 


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How often do you get to read a gripping thriller, that too in Indian fiction? I have tried reading many so so-called bestsellers over the years, but nothing really won my heart. However, Sniper’s Eye is a perfect blend of mystery and suspense. It has a brilliant storyline incorporating the life of our men in uniform. The nucleus of the story is terrorism, Jihad, corruption and crime. . . It has also got some beautiful snippets from our country and also the political and cultural issues and indifference. . . Brilliant characters and an intriguing plot makes this book an absolute thriller. You can read the full review on my blog. 🔖Link in bio. Rating : 4/5 . . . #MuffyRNair #MufasatheGoldenRetriever #MuffyTales 🐶 . . #bibliophiledog #book #bookshelf #unitedbookstagram #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #goldenretrieversofig #bestwoof #woofwoof #goldenretriever #amreading #currentread #thriller #thrillerbooks #bookstagramindiafeature

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The storyline is great, the plot intriguing and the characterization is amazing as well. 

“You don’t have to be strong all the time. Perhaps, that’s what love is, knowing that you can show your worst to someone and know that you won’t be judged.”

Zoya strikes a chord; she is fearless, brave and isn’t portrayed as a damsel in distress. That in itself, speaks volumes, isn’t it? It was fascinating to witness Aaditya’s and Zoya’s relationship and honestly, I was mind blown by the fact that there weren’t any explicit content in the book. These days, that’s all you get to read- be it a thriller or romance.

Aman Karzai’s character is intriguing. His conflict of emotions is brilliantly portrayed and I can’t wait to read more about him in the upcoming books of the series.

And well, Aaditya, of course! It’s as if I know him so well (Being an Army Wife helps!). He is proud, strong-headed, determined and has an unwavering commitment to do anything for his motherland even though he had to leave behind his life as an Armed Forces Officer. 

The epilogue may seem a bit cliched. But it made me go ‘Aww‘. I was so overwhelmed that I shed a tear. Embarrassing as it may sound, but I was on a flight and thankfully, right next to me was my husband, who didn’t seem to care two hoots about what was happening. There were times when I let out a “whistle” or two and “Whoa“s where the man was jerked awake from his deep slumber. Now that says something, alright! With a mere 224 pages, the author has succeeded in weaving an absolute thriller.

The writing is simple, smooth and lucid and the narration is fast-paced.  The cover page is bang-on with the bullseye view.

Do I Recommend?

Yes! A gripping tale, a page-turner! This wouldn’t disappoint you!


four stars book rating

4 hearts on 5!

Details of the Book
Title: Sniper’s Eye Publisher: 4 Hour Books
Author: Mainak Dhar ISBN: 978-8183861434
Genre: Thriller No: of Pages: 224

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Sniper's Eye book review

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