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A Withered Rose #FridayReflections

My life was miserable. I didn’t want to marry the one my Mom chose for me; a rich snob who unfortunately was head over heels in love with me. I had dreams. I believed in magic and a beautiful life. I always looked for a way out until I decided to end it all. That was when I met him…who heroically saved me from the verge of death.

Last time I cried #FridayReflections

He was the only one who could see me from within, see the anguish that I was in. And he was the only one who could get me out of it. Our love was unconditional; it knew no bounds – a love that cannot be tainted; a bond that cannot be broken.

The fiance came to know of our affair. He tried to kill him because of his outrage that I was in love with another. We escaped but couldn’t stop the inevitable. Disaster had struck and the fiance forced me to help myself. But I couldn’t bare the thought of living without my one true love and ran back to his arms.

The tragedy was savage. I knew it in my heart that we would make it. In the freezing cold I heard a whistle. Someone had come for rescue. I looked at him; tried to wake him up.

“Jack.. Jack.. There’s a boat. Jack.. Jack” Tears poured from my eyes as though they came from some other person. I couldn’t stop them or slow them down. My body shuddered as I sobbed without care.

That was when I heard a laugh. “Oh puhlease… Shalu you’re watching Titanic for the umpteenth time. Don’t don’t start crying again”,said P my husband.Yup. That was when I cried last – the day before yesterday, watching Titanic. I become the character, here it was Rose. Yes. I cry watching movies. No. I don’t care.

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Prompts for 12th January 2018 – choose any one:

  1. Write about the last time you cried.
  2. ‘Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine’ – Lord Byron
  3. Picture Prompt – credit (Corinne Rodrigues)


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