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Gratitude, April and I : #AtoZChallenge Reflections

2017 had started with a bang, and I can’t help but be overjoyed. February and March were all about love and happiness. How was April for me? I can’t help but be grateful for all that it had given me!

Gratitude - April Post

While I was still contemplating by mid of March, about participating in the yearly #AtoZChallenge, many bloggers I knew had already figured out a theme and also started scheduling their posts. That said, April for me was all about the #AtoZChallenge. I lived and breathed cooking some sumptuous Indian delicacies on my food blog – Something’s Cooking and penning down my travel experiences in Thailand, here.

At the back of my head, I knew that it was about Thailand that I would be writing about here, but the food blog was hanging in a big question mark. Today, I want to thank and send love to my fellow bloggers Shinjini of Modern Gypsy and Chandni of Life in Third Dimension for kicking me in my butt during those panic attacks and midnight blues and for helping me figure out my themes. Who said online friendships aren’t real or true?

Both my themes for the challenge was well-received and while I was ecstatic, I was also skeptical about whether I would be able to do justice to the themes. As usual, it started with a bang, with so many bloggers hopping in to read, comment and share your blog posts. I read about 75 blog posts every day in the first week of the month and was exhausted in no time! There were so many stunning themes and I wanted to read them all and 24 hours wasn’t enough. At all.

To top it all, this year too, I wasn’t prepared and hardly 3 posts were scheduled in advance. That said, I was cooking every day of the month, taking photographs of the food, editing them along with the Thailand pictures and writing two blog posts. It wasn’t easy. But I sailed through. And that’s because of him – my husband. I know I cannot thank him enough for all the pestering and bickering I did, be it giving him a list of ingredients to buy at the last minute, or for helping me mellow down when frustrated, or for jotting down some ideas or even a complete blog post on my journal, or for chasing the BSNL guys every day for a week to repair our unstable internet connection or for literally taking care of everything in our home! I really wouldn’t have completed the challenge without his support.

The #AtoZChallenge this year was quite a culinary awakening for me. I had attempted recipes which I never would’ve even dared to cook. Be it the Aloo ParathaGulab Jamun, Medu Vada or SamosaI pushed myself. I understand I was hard on myself when it came to photographs as well; I redid few of the dishes thrice to get the perfect picture. Still, a long way to go, but I am happy with the progress I am making when in comes to food photography.

My heart fills with joy and gratitude to all my dear readers and bloggers who stopped by my blogs every single day to support and encourage me this April. I am overwhelmed and I hope I continue to inspire. I am also thankful for the blogging communities that I am part of – Write Tribe, Blog-A-Rhythm, and Blogchatter for always being there. Of course, huge thanks to the A to Z Challenge team who bring this challenge to thousands of bloggers every year. I am also so happy to tell you that many bloggers/friends including Parul, Ruchi and Tina has tried my recipes and they had sent me pictures as well. Wowza!

I had been interviewed! You can check out the details here.

I’ve been featured! ? #happiness #happyme

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I wouldn’t say I am an introvert, but I also do not have a loud persona or is very keen on making friends. I take my time and then give my everything to any relation. My neighbors were a blessing to my otherwise uneventful life here. You can imagine the predicament and frustration after resigning the job and choosing to stay at home. Well, no regrets there. But having two adorable kids to play with and a lovely lady to talk to, my life here was super fun! They had been posted out and the sudden silence is eerie. I just feel so happy to have met them, learned many stunning recipes and tips from her and also weaved some great memories as well. Life couldn’t be any better!

What in May!

Our posting has come too! Though we were in a shock, we have somehow coped up. Everything’s for good! Details soon. We are looking forward to moving around a bit to all the nearby places before its time to pack our bags and head to the next station. So yes, traveling is on our list.

I had read many books even in between the challenge. I am on a reading spree now as well. They were all novellas and romances. Oh, that reminds me! I was jumping with joy (literally!) when this came home!!!!

So, next on my agenda is reading these books before the next Season of GOT begins.

I also would be reading the A to Z Challenge posts of my favorite bloggers, because I really really really do not want to miss those!

You know what? My parents and sister are coming down tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to the AtoZChallenge, they are coming with a long list of dishes which obviously, I need to prepare for them! Phew! Let’s see how that goes. Home is where the family is. More cooking is about to happen!

That’s all folks! I hope you have a fantastic May.



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