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That’s a Promise!

It’s a growing pile of unread books, cutouts and scribbles,
The TV is on and I hurry,
to jot down on my iPhone.
The post-its doesn’t seem to work, neither does the scribbles on his letterhead
For I digress the very idea of getting anywhere close to you.
All the pain and tears, through these many years,
The fear of being a setback in front of my very dears,
You’ve never given me a delightful time.
But I promise you,
that someday….one day, I would mix and marinate, saute or deep-fry, and have you to my heart’s content, dear Bitter Gourd.

It’s the last day at the BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm. What a fab week where I constantly pushed my limits and churned in different posts! I so loved participating. I hope you had equal fun reading them.

Day 7 Prompt – Promise (to oneself or someone)


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