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The Revelation

It was then that I realized- something life-changing was about to happen.

It was only a few weeks ago, when I snuggled lazily in bed, listening closely to his heartbeat. He had placed behind my ears, those few strands of hair that was falling over my face. He had kissed my forehead and as I struggled to open my sleepy eyes, he had already been out for his morning jog. That beautiful morning, when the sun was up and the skies were blue and I could hear the cuckoo sing. ‘A perfect Sunday’, I had thought as I whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast and also gathered some cut mangoes, a cup of tea for him and a large cup of coffee for myself.

As I checked through the snail mails, the one with the Ministry of Defense sealing caught my eye. It was his Posting Order. He was back by then from his jog and as we sat on the terrace over breakfast, there was a shuddering silence. This was our second ‘separation’ and I had survived the first, sticking on to my job and staying apart from him. It was heart-breaking to say the least, especially with many well-wishers around.

‘How do you stay alone? Aren’t you scared? Why don’t you plan for a baby? Why are you so selfish?’ were few of the many questions bombarded at me and which I somehow successfully sneaked past.

Life was going to be the same all over again. Except that this time, I had quit my job and was happily sitting at home enjoying the role of a home-maker. At least, I tried to convince myself so. After having worked in a 24/7 project on a Multi National Company for five years, things were different. There was enough and more time in hand after the cleaning, cooking and sleeping. That was when I began to ‘think’. They say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and so was it. I began to complain and nag (much more than before).

And today, he had decided to take me to a  dinner date in one of the best romantic restaurants in India. And how! By placing a beautiful dress and note along. I was at my cheerful best. Ecstatic and on cloud nine seemed to be an understatement. As we sat on the 36th floor of the rooftop bar, indulging in a glass of champagne and delicious treats, I noticed that he had smiled more often and looked into my eyes. That naughty smirk which makes me fall for him all over again was back. eating-601581_960_720

Just then he got up from the chair and moved towards me. Taking my hand he said, “Shalu, I want to tell you something..”

“Hmm.. yeah?”

“I know you are sad and confused. Without a job and nothing to be engaged on, life has become all topsy-turvy for you. I want you to understand that I am okay with anything you decide. Go back to the job you love or come with me. I have always respected your decision and I will be with you in whatever you opt for. Please don’t worry about every Tom, Dick and Harry. Life is ours to live. It is our decision to think about a baby or not. May it be three years into our marriage, or five or ten! Fret not, my sweet”.

the-hague-646675_960_720I have a lump in my throat and I try my best to hide the tears that prick my eyes.

“Shillong is a beautiful place and my heart knows that you would love it. For now, here is a little something to tempt you into staying with me”, and with ‘that smirk’ he takes out a pamphlet from his pocket. It is a brochure on classical dance training in his Regiment.

My joy knew no bounds as I settle in a tight embrace. A trained classical dancer for ten years, I had left it behind when college, work and marriage came in between. My husband has decided to give me back my life!

“Thank you for this. I love you”, I say as fresh tears stream down my face.

“I know. And you know I do too”, he wipes away the last drop of tear and we smile.

Love- the essence of life and I am not going to let this romantic dinner slip away from my mind till my last breath.

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