That Bar of Chocolate

Oh, it was one of those days! Another tiring, exhaustive day at work. One year of early morning shifts has not made any difference. Neither could I get up at 4 in the morning, nor could I be all fresh and happy at 4 in the evening, getting back from work. And poor husband gets all the nagging and complaints in return.

And then one day, he decided to put an end to it and in the most charming way- by giving me chocolates! One bite into it and I was taken to paradise! In my mouth it turned to liquid and let me discover some new ecstasies and pleasure. Upon further enquiry, I found that he had specially ordered quite a few different varieties from Place of Origin – India`s first marketplace for specialty Indian foods, ethnic foods, regional specialities. There were chocolates and sweets in caramel, white truffle and brazil-nuts all coated in the most decadent of chocolate layers, thick but still soft to bite.


Being in the Army, we are prone to attending parties every now and then. As a token of love, we always carry a little something for the generous host. My funda is to gift them with something useful rather than a mere showpiece for display. I was thus, on a mission. I was in awe taking a glance at the website as it offers a wide variety of options to choose from, including vegan chocolate, gluten-free chocolate and cacao tea. He had already ordered dark chocolate for himself, with no milk and less sugar, something which has been a trend these days. He had also bought brownies and biscuits for high tea.

At first I resisted going in and indulging in buying a few more. But then I caved. Because, chocolate makes life simple again. One taste of it or even the thought alone makes us drool and the emotional associations rush in. I had opted for some exotic Ooty chocolates and zesty orange dark chocolates by Mason and Co, the artisanal chocolatier from Auroville.


On one such day, after staring at the computer screen all day long, my colleagues and I decided to take a small break which usually means a cup of coffee from the pantry. But then, we decided to take a stroll around our campus premises where mini-shops are set up selling hot Vada Paavs and Paav Bhaajis. It was then that I noticed this group of tired children waiting in the bus stop for their school van. As I walked past, I thought of sharing few truffles from the Ooty chocolates (which was carefully hidden in my wallet from my colleagues), with them.

The smile on their faces, their innocence and cuteness in saying back a thank you, did the trick. Their happiness was unannounced and their joy knew no bounds. I was back to being the cheerful me. There was no tiredness, no hang over of work but only a soothing aura which made me feel like being a small kid again.

“Life is about lil’ things. You don’t need to find reasons to be happy. It’s all around, you only need to identify those”

Share that bar of chocolate and take back a smile- from a kid or your nagging wife!

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