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From Quarters to a Home #AtoZChallenge

Getting an Army accommodation in a station is by sheer luck. You may get it in a week’s time or in nine months’. You may have to live in a temporary quarters till then and literally live in and out of the military boxes, neck deep in bubble wrap & cardboard boxes! More so, you might get a one bedroom apartment or a twin banglow. Whatsoever, we get a home every two to three years- after the packing, shifting and moving. Moving every two years? Isn’t that awful, many asks. But look at the bright side! I can re-decorate my home all these times.

Enter a Fauji home, you can see the beautiful terracotta/clay pots, wind chimes and lanterns adorning the veranda. A fancy name board hangs on the entrance too.

PC: Pixabay

PC: Pixabay


They make a perfect couple, don’t they?

That cap stand which has about 15-20 caps with his berret, P-cap, games cap, regimental cap, officer’s cap, combats cap, the NDA/CME/IMA cap and a cowboy hat for sure. Wonder why? Wait for more.

The Buddha Idols: The first time I went out with him, of course of after the wedding was to McLeodGang. I’m not sure, if it was because of my Southern genes, I was fascinated by the different Buddha idols near the Tibetan temples and monasteries. That was my first time shopping with him and I definitely maintained my decorum and sanctity by picking up only two three cute looking Buddha statues. Little did I know that Faujis share my fascination too. Whoever visited our home brought a Buddha along with them and now I have at least ten at my home.

Wish I had more pictures!

Wish I had more pictures!


Oh, the mess after him throwing a surprise for my B’day. But look at the Buddha Scrolls on the wall!


The big fans which adorn our walls:

PC: I got three of them. And not even one pic! Look at that :(

I got three of them. And not even one pic! Look at that 🙁

A piece of decor from Rajasthan: ranging from the puppets to furniture:

PC: MakeMyTrip But I have the exact same from my Rajasthan trip!

PC: MakeMyTrip
But I have the exact same from my Rajasthan trip!

A cubicle displaying all the Trophies, Medals, Mementos, Commendation Cards and group photographs of all the courses he has attended (they all look the same!!!! Phew!):'t look at me! Look at the trophy stand behind!…don’t look at me! Look at the trophy stand behind!

Warli paintings: in some form or the other.


He had these from before the wedding! Love his sense of decor <3

Furniture: Check out the furnitures in an Army home and you can understand where all the officer has gone for posting! A sofa set from Rajasthan, Walnut wood carved peg tables or dressing table, the list is endless.

Magnificent! Not mine! Found them on my trip to Rajasthan and it was love at first sight!

Magnificent! Not mine! Found them on my trip to Rajasthan and it was love at first sight!


Shoe Racks: Let me ask you how many shoe racks do you have in your home? One? At most two? Now, in an Army home you can find at least three- two of his and one of the lady’s. Don’t believe me? How I wish I had a picture to prove my point! Two of his Army Boots, at least three different sports shoes, running shoes, a leather woodland shoes, a Woodland loafers, a Woodland slippers, a Woodland casual shoes, a Woodland high terrain boots, (What’s up with Army men and Woodlands??????), at least three pairs of formal shoes… oh, don’t get me started!

That perfect corner:


Last but not the least, those crystalware where you serve the drinks, cocktails, mocktails, appetizers, desserts and what not! They are always loyal, you know! 🙂

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


I hope you come back again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here is an easy Chicken recipe from my Food Blog to try out!

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