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Offr’s Mess #AtoZChallenge

Did you mistake by offers mess? Na, it is called Officer’s Mess.

Officer’s Mess stands tall in the traditions of our Armed Forces. It is a wonderful institute that houses all the major historical events of the Regiment. It possesses mostly the marks of the great achievements by showcasing the many silver trophies, mementos and important events. These are the Regimental memorabilia which demands a high degree of respect and deference in its handling and treatment. The property of other units in the Mess as well as the gifts of departing officers shall be accorded similar deference.

The Mess provides you with the right delicacies, balances out the hardship of daily work and provides a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Officer’s Mess also houses guest rooms and a great staff support who makes us feel home with their courteous behaviour. It is also a memorable part of anyone’s life as important parties and functions are held here.  I remember, my first Dining In to the Regiment happened in the Officer’s Mess. And the best part? Having the newly weds, newly commissioned officers and other officers and families coming back for tenures are ‘sorted’ out here. Mind you, each dinner experience is ‘unique’ and we all have our fair share of action.

An Officer’s Mess is home for the bachelors and a get-away for the husbands.

However, the regulations including formal dress code, rules of the Mess and dining etiquette are to be strictly followed. Regular meetings are conducted for its proper functioning.

I remember the first time “entering” into the Mess. I was being carried by my husband as part of their welcome. Yes, Carried! The horror of it! 😀 It was a great time as I went through their enormous library and well-maintained billiards room, the bar, the dining room, the sitting area. The sight was sheer brilliance.

The Officer’s Mess is not only a place for the officers to drink or dine. It is where they get to know one another beyond the strict professional interaction of their primary duties. You cannot find anyone with their noisy behaviour, ragging, clinking of glasses, and other forms of rowdyism in the Mess.  You will be under the wrath of Mess Havildar who is a senior NCO who manages and executes the day-to-day activities of the mess.

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


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