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Ladies Meet #AtoZChallenge

Ladies Meet as the name suggests is an official meeting of Officers’ wives. In earlier days, with no telephone and no other means of frequent interactions, the ladies often felt left out, especially with their husbands away guarding the frontiers. Such meets thus became a means of solace and comfort and also to meet ladies from other units and arms.

Ladies meets are held once a month usually on the second Saturday afternoon / evening so that even the working women can attend. The responsibility to host the meet lies with different sets of ladies each time. Ladies take turns to host and look forward to it. Since the kids aren’t allowed to such meets, it is often a chance to have some absolute fun.

They are also held to celebrate important events. It usually starts with a welcome speech by the Ladies Club Secretary and the introduction to new members, old or young and the games, contests and entertainment  lead to prizes and eventually to food! It is lots of fun and also responsible discussions, including the initiatives to be taken so as to improve the life of the ladies in the station. A perfect chance to interact and meet the senior ladies (read VIP)These meets may also have the retired officer’s wife attending who love to share their experiences and feel of being back to the Unit and how nostalgic that is. Thereby, such get-togethers become more than just casual meetings, but an emotional and sensitive interaction which one would cherish throughout. Such interactions and experiences helps you prepare to sail for the coming phase of life.

It is a full fledged programme of two hours with the ladies exhibiting their talent including dance, skit, coffee painting, quilling etc. There also is vegetable carving and best out of waste and Man, they are outstanding.

Ladies meets are mostly accompanied by themes. And the popular ones include Black and White, Retro, Monsoon, Mughal, Pink and Pearls, Go Green, Valentine’s, Flowers, Shopping Carnival, Red Carpet with Filmfare kind of setting, etc. From the dress to the invitation cards to the folders, we make sure that the event adhers to the theme. There are competitions too and the best dressed will win a prize. We had a flower theme once and the lady who wore flower embroidered saree and used real flowers for jewelry and a purse, won the competition. We take part in many fun games too and take home many prizes. How can I forget the sumptious spread of food and mocktails based on the themes!

Shopping Carnival Theme

Shopping Carnival Theme

The invitations and folders hand made by a dear friend, an Army Wife- Lilly :)

The invitations and folders hand made by a dear friend, an Army Wife- Lilly 🙂

Garden Party is the grandest of them all as it is by the senior most lady in the station. You can probably say, it is an acknowledgement of the wonderful meets throughout the year. It is mesmerizing to see the ladies clad in beautiful flower painted sarees. Here’s a peek.

Garden Party

Garden Party

And that's me :D

And that’s me 😀

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


I hope you come back again tomorrow!

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