Married to the Olive Green

Family Welfare Meets #AtoZChallenge

They say, Army is all about fun. They picture, the Army Wives with a glass of wine in hand and dance away to glory at the parties. They feel, all we do is dress in the finest of clothes and live a life of luxury.

Yes. We do all that! But, not only that!

Tell me, how many times in life do we do things which make an impact on another individual? That whatever we do or say has got a positive effect on someone else’s life? Their family?

Family Welfare Meets are a way of such interactions in which we, the Army Wives have sessions or meetings with the fellow soldier’s family. These sessions help in shedding their inhibitions regarding their traditions, their upbringing, or even their innate fear. We also talk about their personal issues and help them in any possible way.

We also conduct programs by bringing in eminent speakers, doctors, psychologists who could listen to them and discuss on some vital concerns including health, hygiene, child-care, the need of employment and social issues. We help them pick up a hobby or so, nurture skill development for families, develop interests in unexplored areas like quilling, stitching, weaving, crafting, flower arrangements, jewelry making, thereby making them self-sufficient and independent. We also help them learn to read and write, especially English and Hindi.

Of course, we try to make it fun through entertainment programs, brain-tickling exercises, dance and music. It feels great when a soldier’s wife, holds your hand and say that such meets are refreshing, having had the opportunity to come out of their homes, from their kitchen and baby-sitting.

It helps us too- the Officers’ wives. It helps in setting ourselves free.

We often get surprised by the inner strength and maturity that comes to us.

We could easily relate to the issues in hand and there may also be many scenarios which are already familiar to you, or which keeps playing at the back of your mind.

The underlying truth is we help one another in gathering the courage to support our family through tough times, especially when your soldier is away in difficult locations, guarding our frontiers.

It is to be on his shoes, be the head of the family when situation calls in or seem hopeless.

It is to provide comfort in knowing that we are not alone and offer support and encouragement so that we all will continue walking the path of healing and rejuvenation with our soldier  and try our bit to help and succeed in giving our undivided attention.

So, tell me. Wouldn’t you do your best to heal a shattered soul and quieten those silent screams? Who better than us can understand these,as we are never promised a tomorrow?

I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not! 


I hope you come back again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here is an easy Chicken recipe from my Food Blog to try out!

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