Down with Love..only Literally #LoveAndLaughter

He tucked that careless strand of hair behind my ear. As he kissed my cheek, I stirred in my sleep and purred. A sudden flash of bright light came in and I cupped the already closed eyes with my palms.

Let me sleep. Please, turn off the lights. Please, P. I want to sleep.

Shalu, I want to talk, he said.

Is it 7 already? I am tired. I don’t want to cook. Please lets order a Pizza, I snuggled under the blanket.

Shalu…err…there is a…mmm. I…, I didn’t hear him talk and had already dozed off to sleep.

Shalu…we need to attend a party tonight. 

I don’t know what he had done. But his announcement woke me up from the deepest slumber I was in. I sat bolt upright on bed, as if a thunder had struck me.

What??? Tonight?? Now?

My head was spinning. In the civilian world, party means fun, friends, dance and booze. But I knew, I was invited to an official get-together with his senior officials and ladies. Such events are not rare in my home and in two years of my marriage to the Olive Green, I had learnt that if not anything, I had to be ready for a party that comes up at the last minute or a sumptuous spread of food should be at disposal at any given point of time. In big bold capital letters, ANY. I have had his friends knock my door at midnight asking for food.Initially stupefied by this so-called custom, it dawned on me that Fauj is family.

What’s the time now? Why didn’t you inform me before? Why didn’t you come home early? I don’t have anything to wear! I lamented and my wrath was burning with anger. He does this always. Having had to wake up at 4 in the morning, cook lunch and hurry for the cab at 5 to be in office is my daily routine. Needless to say, I will be dead-tired and mostly always look like being right up from the grave by the time I reach home by 4pm. It is then that I sleep for a good three hours, followed by cooking, dinner and a late night movie, chit-chats, gossips -a mutual agreement between the two of us.

I was mad and annoyed. Storming into the dressing room, I began pulling out some salwar suits one after the other. After contemplating for a good thirty minutes, I settled in wearing a blue one with golden embroidery work. He was nowhere around, may be busy with polishing his shoes, I thought and began to get ready, all the while blaming at the situation I had landed in.

I am tired. I have to go to office tomorrow. I don’t want to come. Why don’t you understand? For once in life, put yourself in my shoes….., my tantrums knew no bounds.I got ready in twenty minutes and he emerged from the washroom only to tell that it was a lounge suit party.

Color drained from my face when reality struck me like lightning. I need to change into a saree and that too in ten minutes! The wretched and tragic fiasco was on. I somehow draped a black Kanjeevaram silk saree with maroon border and golden polka motifs. With matching jhumka and bangles, I put on the  new golden stilletos.

Hate it. I hate wearing heels. Why do you do this to me? I howled as if he asked me to put it on.

He looked at me with his sad eyes as I continued getting into a fracas with him. He took out the car and we rode in silence to the Major General’s residence. We reached in a couple of minutes and he handed over the bouquet of flowers which is to be presented to the hostess. That again set me off. I was bristling with rage. I stomped off the car and tramped away….only to…


He had reversed the car just in time to hit me and I had fallen flat on my face. He jumped off the driver’s seat and found me kissing the ground, only literally.

A torn saree, broken heel, bleeding knees and scattered flowers- the scene before him wasn’t breathtaking. I still remember the way he tilted his head, and looked at me with his puppy dog eyes. As he tiptoed towards me, may be thinking that I would continue my nag and eat his head, I started to giggle. I couldn’t curb the sound that came from me and knowing that he was looking at me with no idea of what was going on, made me explode with laughter. He was definitely taken back but then sat with me on the ground and we had a hearty laugh.

Now that was a pretty sight. My soldier in his suit, rolling on the floor laughing.couple-306797_1280

“You get angry as if you want to throw me off a cliff, Shalu”, his eyes bored into mine.

…..maybe! But I shall always rush to the bottom to catch you!”, I chuckled. I knew he was sad and I felt bad for making a fuss over petty issues. We kissed and headed towards the party hall.

While I bring madness to our beautiful bond, he balances it with his stability, my smiles into endless happiness and my sweetness- coated with elegance!

Lessons learnt: Men are impossible! And when you nag, annoy and pester him with your silly-billy emotions and outrage, you are clouding his already compromised judgement.

Also, never walk behind a car. You could very well be run over by it, even if it is driven by the love of your life!

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

Oh, meanwhile… Happy Anniversary, Love! I promise you an eternity of craziness, cuteness, tantrums and love!

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