Skies of Gray

PC: Pixabay

PC: Pixabay

It is a dismal, eerily, darkest of dark nights.
A crack of lightning sends shivers down your spines.
She waits by the window, as she’s done every night
Staring into the darkness for a sign from her knight.

If I make a wish to chase the dark away
Will you see my tears that glisten in a sullen way.
Will you hear my whisper in the boughs that sway
From the autumn winds that whip and stray.
Oh, for the sound of his footsteps on the front porch she yearns
Alas! He will not come, the thought pricks like thorns.

Wish Iย could keep you locked in myย heart
With memories of your touch, murmur against my lips,
and the gentle touch that strokes and soothes.
But that night has fallen to skies of gray
Turning into a fake smile and a nod
Making me contemplate the obvious, where is it that I went wrong?


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