He held her close, so close that his breath flushed her cheeks. She shuddered at his intimacy. He lifted her chin as if to kiss her lips. She said, “I love you…deeply, strongly, madly and so shamelessly”.

” I don’t give a f**k.”


” I said, I don’t give a f**k.”

Petrified as she stares at his eyes, his hand aims for her heart. As if a dagger, he plunges his bare hand on her chest, smiling….. seeing her wince in pain.

She squirms in unbearable spasm but his smile never left his lips.

Terrified as she was, he grips her heart and plucks it out of her body. Blood gushing out of her tender torso, she howls and cries at the agonizing pain. heart in hand

He still smiles, that innocent smile in which she had fallen for and then…..he squishes her heart in his fist, as if crushing a maggot.

Her shrieks were music to his ears and as blood drips down from his tight grip, he decides to squash her little heart more…and more.

One look at the bleeding heart and she prays to him not to let her go through this ordeal, not to torture her so sweetly.


In sheer darkness I gasped for breath. Shivering and sweating profusely, I touched my heart to check if it’s still beating down there. I screamed again, tears falling down like razor blades. In my trembling and quivering, a part of me was relieved that my heart was beating INSIDE and that it was just a bad dream….a dreadful nightmare that took my heart away…literally!

P.S: I have no freaking idea how I survived the night and I don’t know why or how I had such a nasty dream! Still terror-stricken, still scared to death and still having a cold feet, I pray that not even my foes go through this nightmare!

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