Touch…. to Love

It was a long day at his newly joined work. Night shifts were already taking a toll on him and not even three cups of caffeine could bring him back to his normal self. As he drove back home, he saw delirious fans breaking into unprecedented celebrations, setting off fireworks, jamming main thoroughfares with vehicles and partying hard on the streets. India had won the series in the Micromax Cricket Cup.

“God, all I wanted was to hit my bed and this is where I’ve ended up. Stupid people! Savouring glory as if India had won the World Cup! “, he thought to himself. Just then a rocket exploded with a loud bang and sparkles. He was drifted back to the past.

“Sameer, No, I’m not coming. Don’t make me do this. I’m scared”

“Oh Jaan, why? I’m there,na. You needn’t be scared. These are just crackers.”

“No, you play with your patakas. I would light diyas with Mom.”

“Come on, sweetheart. See, light at least these Sparklers. I will take care of the Rockets.”

“… please.”

“Come, hold my hand”, he held out his hand so that she reaches out to him. Hesitantly, she took his hand. He lit a Chakra and laughed seeing her run across the garden like a nine year old, as the wheel rotated at speed thus producing a spiral effect of coloured flame and sparks. She was always a delight for Sameer’s eyes. He never knew when he fell in love with her. Was it when he saw her for the first time in a green saree at a mutual friend’s party? Was it the innocence in her smile? In her eyes? He never knew.

Just then she came into his argirl-boy-love-hug-hd-wallpaperms. “Why? Why are you scaring me like this?”

“Shh…just shh…” He looked at her brown eyes and then kissed her forehead. “I love you..but..”

Her questioning glance made him smile. He left her hair open and continued, “How many times should I tell you to let loose your hair. Eh?”

“But…crackers……..I ………I was being careful”

“Shhh…” His tender gaze met hers and then drifted to her lips.


“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand.
O, that I were a glove upon that hand
That I might touch that cheek!”

Aisha closed the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and took another sip from her favorite Caramel Flan Latte. As she looked out of the window, a gentle breeze caressed her loose hair and she tried to tame it. She remembered that he loved seeing her, with hair open. A shiver ran down her spine, as memories started flooding her mind. She recalled how he had looked into her eyes, that Diwali night. How he had touched her face!

“I hate you. You can’t just leave me alone for what I’ve said out of anger. I know I’ve hurt you, that my words broke you apart. But how can you just…. leave me? Say that you needed a break from me? Is this how yo promised to make me sleep in your arms everyday, to let me curl up against you in bed, for the rest of our lives? How can you feel this is not worth trying for? Not worth fighting for? How I wish you knew that I was so sorry. I miss you…..Sameer..miss you sneaking and holding me from behind and kiss on my neck..your scent..your….Please come back..please….”, she thought to herself and sobbed.

As a tear rolled down her cheeks, she swiftly wiped them off, not letting the jam-packed crowd at Starbucks notice her.


“Damn this traffic!!”, he swore once again. He pulled his car to the nearby coffee shop. As he entered the cafe, he saw her…her hair. She was facing the other side and didn’t notice him. He had a sudden rush of emotions and wanted to touch her, to hold her. He walked gently to her, touched her shoulder from behind.


…why, oh God, why! Wish he knew my heart was aching for him”, she stared at the window with teary eyes. “Wish he was here, near…just beside me! Wish he was close, so close that I could…”, just then she felt a hand on her shoulder.


Their eyes met and she stood up..beside him.. Words didn’t have to pour down. He slid his hand down through her arm…her hand..holding it firmer, tighter. Her teary eyes cried her heart out. He winced knowing that she had died a thousand deaths..that she wouldn’t let him down again. He held her close. She trembled at his touch..just like the first time.

“You know Sameer.. My favourite place is inside your hug…..”

“Shhh…. He tucked few strands of hair behind her ear, which was carelessly falling over her face. He touched her cheeks, ” I missed you, Aisha..”

And they smiled…through their tears.

One touch, was all that was needed. One touch, to bring back memories. One touch to stir up the lost passion. One touch to awaken memories of their first kiss, their first touch. One touch, to rekindle the spark. One touch, to bring together the soul-mates. One touch to know, that Love is a promise, never to say goodbye.

This short story has been written for the #BringBackTheTouch campaign conducted by and Indiblogger Happyhours.

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